Why Paul - Paul E. Wanvig

Why me?

“By realizing that I knew nothing, my true journey began.”

- Paul E. Wanvig -

I had everything—at least everything you can buy. I had a large penthouse apartment and expensive cars in Norway, I was partying in mansions in Beverly Hills, and I was traveling around the world in first class. This is what life is all about, I thought. It seemed to me that I had reached the ultimate success in life. 

I was jolted out of my illusions about success and happiness. On Christmas Eve of 2003, I hit the wall with a life- threatening burnout. I was diagnosed with double-sided pneumonia, and my fever went up to nearly 109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celcius). The doctors could not control it, and they were very worried. The problem was that my immune system was so poor that I could not fight pneumonia. I had been working 12- to 18-hour days since age 17, and that had its consequences.

In search of a solution to my severe health problems, I began pursuing two parallel paths at the same time. One was modern medicine, which encompassed contemporary practices like Western orthodox medicine, behavior- and neuropsychology, philosophy, therapies, and methods. The other was the ancient where I studied Indian, Japanese, and Chinese medicine philosophy, therapies, and methods. I wanted to understand the universe from the ancient perspective, so I sought education in shamanism, runes, mythology, esoteric Buddhism, Feng Shui, I Ching, astrology, meditation, and more. I wanted to learn it all because I wanted to understand how things worked and perhaps find something that could help me. As a civil engineer and pragmatic academic, I only believed in what I could see with my own eyes and what had rational scientific explanations. So, learning about the Western medicine was easy, but delving into the ancient path was difficult because I had to deal with all my preconceived ideas and prejudices. (read my full story here.)

The result

For more than 20 years I have cultivated and developed what I have learned and experienced since my life threatening burnout to help my students and clients achieving astonishing results based on:

education & experience

For more than 20 years I have searched intensive for knowledge in many different educations to find solutions for my extensive health problems in addition to the insight my clients and my own experience have given me.

>1.5M $

I have invested a large amount of US$ in educations, treatments and medical equipments on my journey to find the best solutions and becoming healthy and happy 

Students & clients

My students and clients are my most valuable teachers. Working with clients and students has been the most important source for developing, adjusting and verifying what I teach. 

>20 year

My work is based on an extraordinary adventure filled with up and downs, failures, setbacks,  insights and solutions.  By sharing the greatest insights and the most effective methods I have learned with my students, I hope that their path towards health, meaning and happiness  will be much smother and shorter than mine. 

“Paul has dared to challenge his fears and cultural imprints. By doing so he became one of the best spiritual teachers I ever met. He learned to follow his hearth and set free his compassion. By doing so he is able to help his students in the most profound way and is helping them further ever if themselves have given up their path.”


When it comes to my own health, happiness and well being, I would always choose a professional with extensive experience over one with a lot of fancy titles and degrees. But education is a good and often important starting point and fundament for this experience. Here's a small selection of my own education:

  • Master (M. Sc.) in telecommunication & technical kybernetics (robots & AI)
  • Doctorate and Ph. D. in Integrative Medicine (under work)
  • Grandmaster & lineage bearer of Yggdrasil Shamanic School
  • Grandmaster & lineage bearer of the White Feather Shamanic Schoo (15+ years of education)
  • Grandmaster & lineage bearer of Rainbow Reiki® (15+ years of education)

The Framework

I use the best I have learned from modern and ancient scientific practices, medicine, technology, and philosophy to create objective, measurable results in the reality of today's world  to facilitate efficient personal transformation.

My basic framework consists of three pillars:

The first pillar is objectively measurable results. I focuses on the importance of having clear and measurable results for every method, technique, philosophy, or whatever we use to avoid wasting time and energy on things that don’t work. 

The second pillar is what I call the modern path, where we utilize the philosophy, psychology, medicine, and wisdom of our modern world.

The third pillar is the ancient path. Here we dive into the practical metaphysical aspect of ourselves and the universe. Modern science calls the study of this sphere quantum field theory (QFT).

 All pillars are discussed in detail in my book "Beyond Positive Psychology - A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment" 

The Heroes

Walking trough uncharted territory and challenges which can be perceived as insurmountable, requires courage, patience, endurance and a substantial amount of determination  to never give up when the when the going get tough. My students and clients are my true Heroes and also the proof that what I offer works. Here are a few:

Mari A. Nilsen

Burnout, ME

My world has been dark and without future hope. Paul E. Wanvig, as a teacher and mentor, has been my light flare in the dark - where he step by step has helped me back to life! When I first met Paul I was totally exhausted with 20 hours a day in bed. During the first seminars I lay in the back of the room and slept. My health condition was extremely poor and I saw no way out of my nightmare.

In recent years, we have worked together purposefully and intensively to bring me back to life - with more energy, joy, everyday happiness and meaning. Never before has life been so good to live as now!

On this road, Paul has been a brilliant mentor and teacher! He is an extremely skilled educator, who presents complex things in an understandable and practical way. He has taught me how to stand firm in the storms of life - and live a happy life wherever life takes me.

What is really impressive is that such a story of tremendous progress does not belong to me alone. We are a large group of students and clients, and it is a pleasure to observe how he helps everyone in a professional, goal-oriented and excellent way - leading to incredible results in no time! This is an art - which he mastered with brilliance!

Christina Hagen

MS, MA, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Neuropsychologist, MBSR, MBCT, EMDR certified

Paul is a generous, friendly and inspiring teacher with personal experience with what he teaches. You get good help with your own consciousness development and your desired changes in your life. You gain knowledge about how you can create the life you want at many levels, physically, practically, mentally and energetically. In the process you have all the support you want and need. The education is both live and online with well-structured material and close follow-up of the various topics. You get a lot for what you pay, both quantitatively in a good amount of material and qualitatively in a wide range of possibilities.

Siv Anita

Social educator

I have been fortunate to have had Paul E. Wanvig as my teacher and personal guide for several years now. He is very skilled and knowledgeable and good at identifying the core of problems, while being able to see the big picture. Wanvig is very good at challenging and motivating for self-development. He is perceived as very genuine in this work. He is always forward-looking and interested in new research and knowledge, and is able to convey advanced insights and knowledge intelligently to his students. I give him my warmest recommendations both as a guide and as a teacher.

Jarle Hildum, M.Sc.


I have had Paul as a guide and coach since 2015. Looking back, I see that I'm in a totally different place as a person today. I have made my personal development step by step by participating in educations led by Paul and having one-on-one coaching.  As a result, I now stand firmer and takes on the ups and downs of life as the natural flow of life instead as a constant fight.
We do live in a world where  complexity is ever increasing, and the development in the society is going faster and faster. How do you find your way? Having a mentor by your side that see you as the person you are, and also sees your way forward clearly, is a huge asset and a gift which is hard to find in this day and age. 
We all live busy lives. Paul uses and masters the latest in web and video technology to make the learning experience as practical as possible. With a background as a scientist, combining the latest in science and a deep deep knowledge of ancient wisdom,  the learning experience has been thrilling and been journey I newer saw coming!

Kirsten K. Lerum

Department Manager, Department of Economics -The Faculty of Science at the University of Oslo

The seminar "Change your life in 90 days" has been completely groundbreaking and revolutionary for me. I have long sought greater meaning in my life and longed for more energy. This seminar has given me all this and more. I have spent many of the last few years on self-development and picked a little here and there. I have also read incredible many books in alternative medicine, brain research, NLP, various forms of therapy, trauma, hypnosis, healing, spirituality etc.

Finally I found a seminar that managed to gather all the threads and put things in system, and I now see the road further clearly. 

Paul is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and he shares his wisdom, knowledge and warmth. I'm going to follow him on further seminars. I finally found one place where I could feel at home. I can safely recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to make extensive changes in their lives. Here you get the tools to change any challenges you may have.

Renate E. Haug

Natural health practitioner

Paul has been my teacher, coach and mentor for several years, and that is the best investment I have ever made. Through his unique approach to how life works practically, I have received both the advice and the motivation needed to create a better life for myself and for my family. Through the guidance from Paul I got help to start working in the "right end" of the problems, and solutions I would never even imagine appear suddenly. This is the most effective form of coaching and self-development I have ever experienced, and I highly recommend Paul and the fantastic methods he presents.

Alf Holmaas

Physical therapist

Paul E. Wanvig is an absolute top class tutor and teacher. He is able to inspire and motivate you to make changes with your life in a way that can quickly bring you results. He does this with methods that are measurable and objective so you can see results fast with the areas in your life you are working with, for example, the relationship to your children, your partner, your job, your family, etc. Wanvig is a knowledgeable, engaging and a solution-oriented person. He uses philosophy and methods that combine the best of ancient philosophy and modern research. In this way you get help to quickly achieve solutions to your problems and challenges.

Berit S.


Me and my husband have been on many journeys in our approx. 60-year-old life, but this has been by far the most exciting and educational we have ever been on. What if we had learned just a little what you are teaching when we was younger? How had our lives been then? And how much could the society have saved in health expenses, if any of what you are teaching had become the curriculum in primary school?

You are excellent as a course leader, thorough, honest and structured. Not least, you have an impressive knowledge and are very skilled at communicating this. 

The Philosophy

Grow - Love - Serve

In addition to the Seven Golden Keys, I have three life pillars that describe my personal life philosophy and purpose seen from an eagle’s perspective. For me, these are essential for living a fulfilled and enlightened life.

The first pillar is to grow. In ancient times, wise men and women would search for answers in nature, which mirrors the natural laws of the universe. If you were to ask a tree, “Why are you growing from when you are born until you die?” the tree wouldn’t understand the question because it’s the tree’s nature to grow. Many people forget that daily growth is our nature as well. When we grow each day, we progress. I believe that progress is a foundation for happiness because it increases our sense of self-worth and fulfillment and gives us a daily feeling of completeness.

The second pillar is to love. My heart and primary emotions, my true inner self, are an important basis for all my decisions and actions. Before I decide to take action, I always look to see if I’m driven by primary feelings of the heart and my true inner self or secondary emotions based on the fear of the ego.

The third pillar is to serve. I believe an important part of our life purpose is to serve others with our wisdom and insights. There is a much greater joy to be found in using our knowledge and wisdom to help a neighbor, friend or child progress in life rather than just keeping it to ourselves.

My life purpose seen from an eagle’s perspective is to grow, love, and serve on a daily basis.