The Basic Framework - Paul E. Wanvig

The Basic Framework

I use the best I have learned from modern and ancient scientific practices, medicine, technology, and philosophy to create objective, measurable results in the reality of today's world  to facilitate efficient personal transformation.

The basic framework consists of three pillars.

The first pillar is objectively measurable results. I focused on the importance of having clear and measurable results for every method, technique, philosophy, or whatever we use to avoid wasting time and energy on things that don’t work. 

The second pillar is what I call the modern path, where we utilize the philosophy, psychology, medicine, and wisdom of our modern world. I discussed this pillar in Part II with the Seven Golden Keys.

The third pillar is the ancient path. Here we will dive into the practical metaphysical aspect of ourselves and the universe. Modern science calls the study of this sphere quantum field theory (QFT).

To help people understand the role of the ancient part of my model, I often use the metaphor of blending water and oil. The water represents our goals and what we want to accomplish. The oil represents the methods, techniques, and education we use to make it happen.
It is often difficult to make changes and progress—just like it is hard to blend water and oil.

When we combine oil and water, the oil just floats on top of the water. By shaking the two profusely, we can combine them for a little while, but when we relax slightly, they separate, and we must start shaking them again. To combine the two liquids perfectly and with less effort, we must add an emulsifier. In this case, the emulsifier is the ancient path.

When we delve into this exciting ancient metaphysical world, it is easy to misunderstand and think that is the oil and water. However, the oil and water are growing, loving, and serving—the practical work we do to change, progress, and create a truly fulfilled life. If we mistake the emulsifier for the oil and water, we can end up in a hamster wheel.

The ancient pillar can also be described as an enzyme. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions. The ancient pillar accelerates all change processes. It helped me significantly in changing my habits, getting clarity about my mission and vision, reaching my goals, and finding true fulfillment and happiness.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you just to believe. I’m a pragmatic engineer, and I need to see results in order to believe. It was when I experienced the impact of the ancient path myself that I began believing in it.

The Seven Golden Keys create a solid foundation for the metaphysical world of the ancient pillar. We can get only so far into the rabbit hole of the ancient pillar without expanding our consciousness, taking more self-responsibility, utilizing our free will, learning to motivate ourselves based on the primary feelings of the heart, becoming more self-reliant, cultivating our characters, and walking a path toward true fulfillment.

Therefore, I put so much emphasis on understanding and utilizing the Golden Keys in daily life. It also ensures that nobody gets lost in believing that the emulsifier is the oil and water.