Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth! - Paul E. Wanvig

Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth

In more than 70 percent of Dr. Thomas Rau´s patients, one or more of the main causes of cancer and most forms of chronic disease is related to the teeth.

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 02.2018

Dr. Thomas Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland uses biological dental treatment as an important tool for curing serious diseases in patients who have tried "every" treatment method without success. In more than 70 percent of his clients, one or more of the main causes of cancer and most forms of chronic disease is related to the teeth. This is based on their statistics, where more than 30,000 seriously ill patients from 80 countries have been treated.

It took me 15 years and a great number of dentists, doctors, and other specialists before I finally find out that one of the main causes of my chronic disease state was two hidden wisdom teeth with infections in my upper jaw.

In the first article about my experience with the Paracelsus Clinic, titled "One of the biggest downturns in my life!", I described the background of my illness and my first meeting with Dr. Rau.

Unable to diagnose the problems

A year before I ended up in the Paracelsus Clinic, I visited a dentist who was a professor in holistic dentistry. He had his title hung on his wall, so when he repeated what other dentists had said... "There's nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig..." I was inclined to believe him.

However, my troubles persisted. So after my visit to the dentist at Paracelsus Clinic, I began to wonder why the numerous dentists I had visited couldn't find obvious problems that even I could see in the most recent 3D images.

The reasons could be many, but I think there is a lack of understanding and knowledge about hidden inflammation and the effects of wisdom teeth, cavitations, root-fillings, implants, amalgam, etc., as well as a lack of effective treatment methods. In addition, many dentists will avoid the difficult procedure I went through to remove my wisdom teeth, among other things, because the teeth were in contact with my sinuses.

The Paracelsus Clinic uses a comprehensive system for treatment before, during, and after dental surgery to avoid problems such as infections, and for making sure that the holes created in the jawbone during surgery heal fully within 3–6 weeks. 

"If the dentist is not an expert on such types of surgery, it can cause major problems for patients," said Dr. Thomas Rau. You can see several exciting interviews with him here.

Interview with my dentist

This is an interview with Dr. Gunnar Reifert who was my dentist at the Paracelsus Clinic.

Topic: Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Why dental health is central to your overall health condition.
  • The connection between the teeth and organs of the body and how problems related to the teeth can adversely affect the organs.
  • The main problems with dental health. Why root canals, jawbone cavitations, galvanic currents, etc. can cause health problems.
  • The Clinic's unique methodology for preventing infections after surgery.
  • You will also see some clips from my surgery...

The biggest problems

In most of the patients with severe disease, the Paracelsus Clinic often finds various problems with dental health as one of the major causes of the disease. According to Dr. Rau, it is difficult to cure a chronic disease without first diagnosing the root cause of the illness. So, every patient at their clinic must first undergo a check at the dental department. One of the things that astonished me was how many dentists make mistakes with root canal fillings.

Root canal fillings are often performed by regular dentists when the nerve (pulp) in the tooth root is dead or damaged due to a bacterial infection. The nerve is excavated, and the root canal is filled with a hard material.

Such fillings are a taboo at the Paracelsus Clinic, as they can cause major health consequences due to bacterial infections and toxins that remain in and around the rotten tooth. Therefore, all patients with severe or chronic disease are obliged to remove all root canal fillings.

"Without this, it is difficult to cure the cause of severe chronic disease. The dead tooth must be removed, possibly replaced by an implant, a bridge or the like of ceramics," said Dr. Gunnar Reifert.

Bacterial Infections

The books "The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick" by Dr. Robert Kulacz, DDS and Thomas E. Levy, MD and “Root Canal Cover Up” by George E. Meining describes the serious consequences of root canal fillings. Additional I recommend to watch the Netflix documentary "Root Cause" who follows a man's 10-year search for the underlying cause of his chronic illnesses after being exposed to dental root canal procedure's harmful risks.

The jaw bone consists of a myriad of tiny cavities where bacterial infections can occur locally in small areas (which are not necessarily related to the root canal fillings). Another type of cavitation occurs in areas of the jaw with dead bone tissue that may occur after drawing out a wisdom tooth.

Cavitation in the jaw bone does not need to be associated with pain or other symptoms, but the toxic substances from infections can reach all organs in the body through the blood and lymph nodes and cause major health problems. The Paracelsus Clinic has precise methods for finding and treating all types of jaw cavitation with great success and few complications.

According to my dentist at the clinic, Dr. Gunnar Reifert, all types of metals in the mouth can cause health problems in the long term. One of the reasons is galvanic current that occurs between two different metals in the mouth. This arises due to the constant production of saliva, which creates an atmosphere that contains enough salt to generate electrical power between two metals.

Galvanic currents can also occur with only one type of metal in the mouth, such as gold or amalgam, which is in contact with two electrolytes at the same time as the liquid soft tissue in the tooth and saliva. Oral galvanic current can cause major negative effects in the body, especially in the central nervous system and the brain.

Diagnosis of galvanic current is simple. A dentist can easily measure this with a sensitive current meter. At the Paracelsus Clinic, all patients with metal in the mouth are checked for galvanic current. It is recommended that this is treated for patients with chronic and severe illnesses, as well as for the prevention of disease. This is done by removing all metal from the mouth and replacing it with ceramic (zirconia).

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam contains approximately 50 percent mercury. This is a neurotoxin that can be one of the main causes of illness.

The Paracelsus Clinic removes the amalgam in addition to all the mercury and other toxic metals that have accumulated in the body over time.

Removal of amalgam takes place under extensive protection of both the patient and the dentist.

My experience

The only thing I feared during my stay at the clinic was that they would find bigger problems with my dental health. I have had an intense fear of dentists from when I was a child up until when I was almost 40 years old. For more than 20 years, I was afraid to visit any dentist until I found the key to getting over my fear in an efficient way. Even now, however, I cannot say that I have the longing for either the smell of the dental office or a dental chair.

On my first day of treatment, the dental department took a digital panoramic x-ray image (OPG-orthopedic tomography) of my teeth, gums, and jaws. With these pictures, it is easy for a competent dentist to find diseases related to the teeth, gums, or jawbone. In addition, I went through a series of tests to look for infections, cavitations, galvanic currents, and more.

Even the blood tests showed that I had problems related to my jaw and teeth. Among other things, they found a high value of Rantes Chemokine, which is a protein encoded by the CCL5 gene. This protein plays a role in activating leukocytes (T cells), which causes inflammation. Dead tissue in the cavitations of the jaw bone can lead to a high concentration of Rantes in the blood.

The x-ray showed that I had two hidden wisdom teeth in my upper jaw with bacterial infection and toxins (picture above). Blood tests and other biological tests showed the same result. This inflammation was causing a major strain on my body and immune system, and Dr. Rau and Dr. Reifert concluded that my wisdom teeth had to be removed. They estimated that this was probably one of the main reasons behind my chronically poor health condition.

The surgery

​The removal of my wisdom teeth was a tricky affair, because they were only 1–2 millimeters from my sinuses. If, by accident, any holes should form in the very thin membrane between the wisdom teeth and the sinuses, they could cause major problems, since the bacteria from the mouth can leak to the sinuses and infect them. But fortunately, the clinic has a special procedure, in the worst case, for sealing such holes.

Dr. Reifert explained that the immune system needing strengthening before surgery so that the body could handle any minor infections optimally. Over the next few days, they put me on an intensive treatment of intravenous infusion of high doses of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals before the operation.

The first surgery was a success. After less than an hour, the tooth was out and the membrane protecting the sinuses were fortunately intact. The hole was cleansed for bacteria. Ozone gas was also used to effectively disinfect the wound.

Activating the body's immune system

Before the procedure, I was tapped for five tubes of blood that were centrifuged while the surgery was running. A particular part of the plasma was then used to fill the hole after the tooth was removed to prevent infection and to enhance cellular generation, as well as for the reconstruction of soft tissue and bone.

This process is called Platelet-Released Growth Factor Therapy (PRGFT). It is a great method for activating the body's immune system; making new blood vessels; increasing the healing rate of wounds, connective tissue, cartilage, and hard bone; improving cellular generation; relieving pain; and stopping bacterial infection.

"PRGFT is also used for osteoarthritis in joints with very good results. The method is also effective in cosmetic treatment of wrinkles, scars and for tightening of skin, and is much better than Botox, and it is without side effects," said Dr. Rau.

According to Dr. Reifert, they almost never have problems with infections or pain after oral intervention, thanks to this method. The clinic generally never uses antibiotics.


A week later, the second wisdom tooth was removed without complications. After each surgery, I received various types of supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to prevent complications, as well as for pain relief. It was amazing that I almost had no swelling or pain. After 3–4 days, everything was normal again, and the post-check showed positive results with no infections or other problems noted.

I am extremely pleased with the high standards and excellent level of competence at the dental department of the Paracelsus Clinic. Dr. Gunnar Reifert is the best and most qualified dentist I have ever met, and I can warmly recommend him and the dental clinic!

They are used to dealing with the most difficult cases, those of which other dentists have given up on or misrepresented. I think it is important that the clinic sees dental health as a very important factor for good health and for the healing of severe and chronic diseases.

How to find your competent dentist

If you are ill or just want to prevent disease, my advice is that you make dental health your first priority. However, it could be difficult to find a competent dentist who performs biological dental treatment like experienced at the Paracelsus Clinic.

Here are some tips to find your dentist:

• Is your dental health evaluated in relation to the rest of your health situation?
• Does the dentist take a panoramic x-ray of your teeth, gums, and jaws, or a 3D image of the jaw?
• Does the dentist measure galvanic current?
• How does the dentist diagnose and treat jaw cavitations?
• How does the dentist diagnose other hidden infections?
• Does the dentist test the materials in fillings and implants to check if they are compatible with your body?
• Does the dentist use metals or ceramics?
• Does the dentist use professional protective equipment while removing amalgam?
• Does the dentist use antibiotics and other standard drugs, or does he or she use the same methods as carried out at the Paracelsus Clinic?

I would be skeptical of dentists that:

• Say there is no medical research concluding that amalgam can lead to health problems.
• Say they do not have any doubts about performing root canal fillings.
• Only take an x-ray of a couple of teeth before making a diagnosis.
• Does not use professional protective equipment during amalgam removal or does not have a detoxification program for the patient after removal.
• Treats jaw bone cavitations without being qualified for the task (which unfortunately can cause major problems for the patient afterward).

Further education of dentists

The Paracelsus Dental Clinic offers courses for further education of dentists in the field of biological dental treatment. In addition, they offer internships with one of the clinic's dentists, so that dentists can learn how they treat patients in a practical way. In addition, the clinic offers education for professionals at the Paracelsus Academy.


I'm glad that one of the main causes of my health problems was finally diagnosed and treated in a professional and competent manner. The sad thing is that it took many dentists and 15 years to achieve.

The first major step has been completed, and I look forward to sharing the next part of my story and experience with the Paracelsus Clinic in the next article. There, you will find out about the unique way the clinic diagnoses complex diseases and how they figure out exactly what is wrong with the patient.

Article series about Swiss Biological Medicine and Dr. Thomas Rau


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