Webinar with Dr. Alfred Lohninger - Paul E. Wanvig


A new approach in medicine

A web seminar with

Dr. med. Alfred Lohninger

Dr. med Alfred Lohninger is an Austrian Chronomedical doctor, gynecologist, general practitioner and doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of Chrono medicine and HRV analytics.

Dr. Lohninger is Managing Partner and Medical Director of Autonom Health® Gesundheitsbildungs GmbH Vienna, Director of the International Institute of Chronomics and Regeneration Research and author of the books "Herzratenvariabilität: Das HRV-Praxis-Lehrbuch" and "Einfach Gesund: Anleitung zur artgerechten Haltung von Menschen". He is currently living in Vienna, Austria with his wife, two sons and two daughters.

Host: Paul E. Wanvig. M.Sc.

Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher, and encouraging optimist. He is dedicated to helping you and your family live a fulfilled life. His focus is on ending the stress and burnout epidemic by utilizing the best of modern and ancient scientific practices, medicine, and technology.

Paul has been creating original content for the past 10 years for Medium Magazine, a leading holistic health magazine in Norway. He focuses on topics including: Lifestyle, Health, Diet, Positive Psychology, Personal Development and Spirituality. He currently lives in Germany with his wife. In spring 2019 his book "Beyond Positive Psychology - A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment" will be published.

Recording of the webinar with Dr. Lohninger


Slides used in the webinar

Recording of a videoconference with Dr. Lohninger where he analyzes 24h HRV test results  


Some of the topics covered in the web seminar:

  • Introduction to Chrono medicine and Dr. Lohninger's exciting experience and knowledge about the topic 
  • Detection and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Detection and Prevention of stress related diseases like burnout, CFS and ME
  • Diagnosis of your health state with 24h Hart Rate Variability (HRV) with examples
  • Introduction to Autonom Health's 24h HRV self monitoring solution
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