Holistic treatment of complex and chronic diseases with Swiss Biological Medicine – Interview #3 with Dr. Thomas Rau - Paul E. Wanvig

Holistic treatment of complex and chronic diseases

Interview #3 with Dr. Thomas Rau

Topic: Holistic treatment of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • How Dr. Thomas Rau treat complex and chronic diseases with Swiss Biological Medicine
  • Systemic hyperthermia
  • Local hyperthermia
  • life cell extract
  • PRGFT therapy
  • Neurotherapy
  • Oxygen and ozone therapy
  • PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Intravenous infusion therapy
  • and more..

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Paul E. Wanvig: Welcome to the third interview with Dr. Thomas Rau, who is the medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic. I have now been here for three weeks and I have been treated intensively. The biggest victory I had these three weeks is I got a clear diagnosis. For 15 years all the orthodox medicine and all alternative medicine was not able to give me a diagnosis. And for the first time I have a clear diagnosis what my problem is. This is for me, the biggest victory so far. All these three weeks I've been through a lot of different treatments. We will now talk about some of the treatments and the first treatment I was sent to was hyperthermia. We have two different ways. We have the full body and the local hyperthermia. Can you tell a little bit about what this is and why you use it at the clinic?

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yeah, and the best part of it is that you survived the whole three week treatment here even though it was so intense. Well you know this is the difference between what we do here, we do multi modular approach. Now you asked about the hyperthermia. In fact, it is different kind of hyperthermias and I would go quickly through these techniques. We have the local and we have the systemic hyperthermia. Hyperthermia mean heat treatment. So, heat is extremely important for the body's metabolism. And the two parts that hyperthermia local and systemic for the whole body are two absolutely different treatments. Even though they have the same name. but let's talk first about the systemic. We have two different approaches to heating up the whole body to producing a fever. Fever is a healing reaction in the body and it activates the white blood cells extremely and by each degree Centigrade, which you have higher temperature the activation or the activity of the white blood cells, the granulocytes, the T lymph cells is increasing by factor two, three.

So if you have instead of 36 temperature Centigrade, you have 39, you have at least 10 times more activity in your immune system. And they just come out of the forest so to say, the white blood cells. They get peripheralized. They come from the bone marrow into the blood and they work. So with this heat treatment we can activate the T lymph cells one side, which work against viruses, which detect cancer cells and we can also activate the macrophages which go and eat. So both rows, both types of white blood cells get activated. Not only this, you also activate the body's metabolism, the circulation, and the body's metabolism gets increased. Not only more temperature, you begin to sweat which is a detoxification phenomemon, you also increase your body's activity, the good cell's activity because the tumor cells they get not activated by increasing temperature. All opposites they even hate high temperature. This is one of the different characters of tumor cells, cancer cells, and healthy cells. So we only activate the good part of the body, not the cancer by doing so. This is whole body hyperthermia which leads to a scientifically very well proven activation of cytokines, of interferon, of activity of the white blood cells. This is all very well proven. So this is we have two different techniques, Iratherm and the Heckel cabin.

The full body where you really are in this heat. It's like a sweat chamber, like the Indians do. But of course we do it very well cared. Our nurses are trained. When you have this treatment, the nurse is in the room the whole four hours. You get the IV infusion, which also works much better when metabolism is increased. This is the whole body hyperthermia and we have the Iratherm which is a little bit softer, but it's the same technique. Now this is full body, and now the local hyperthermia. The local hyperthermia base is on a totally different approach. Cancer cells they get apoptotic. This means they begin to fall apart and they get sincerely damaged in a temperature of 42 Centigrade. Healthy cells, especially white blood cells, they get still activated. So they survive up to 44, and our techniques is aiming to heat up the cancer tissue up to 42 or so. There are different techniques, very sophisticated techniques which measure the internal temperature and we can heat with our local hyperthermia devices. They function on shortwave technique one, or on ionic shooting. Two different techniques. 

They increase the temperature of the cancer tissue. The surrounding tissue gets also heated up, but it tolerates. So we put the cancer cells into a deadly situation and the healthy cells they support, they survive this. We do this for 20 minutes or 30 minutes. We have INDIBA, I-Therm, Oncotherm. Different techniques. They go deeper or less deep. No other clinic has all these four techniques. So we have four different local hyperthermia devices. And with them you can treat bigger cancer nodes or very sophisticated you can shoot to small lymph nodes as an example, or you can have bigger fields. For example if you have a spreaded lung cancer. So these are the two techniques. We do normally two when the cancer patient comes. We do two whole body hyperthermias per week and every day a local hyperthermia. So these are the two techniques.

Paul E. Wanvig: And they put also me through all this. I don't have cancer, but I have extreme inflammation and my immune system is very suppressed. I was also through the whole body hyperthermia. I'm very impressed how you do this and with all the care, the infusions and four hours in this chamber is a long time at almost 40 degrees.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yeah.

Paul E. Wanvig: And also the local hyperthermia I'm very impressed when they put the microwave oven, one of them item I-Therm and they warm up my central organs to make my metabolism work again. So you use this hyperthermia for a lot of different cases. Not only cancer.

Dr. Thomas Rau: We also use it for autoimmune diseases, not for multiple sclerosis, but for others, colitis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis it acts very well. Lupus it acts very well. So for this kind of diseases and for these big numbers of patients with the chronic fatigue, unclear chronic fatigue. Which is normally behind toxicity, it's behind adrenal fatigue, lower function of the adrenal glands and so on because it activates. The better a tissue is circulated, the better it reacts to the hyperthermia. The adrenals or kidneys now we just have a kidney insufficiency patient who was close to dialysis. They told him you have to have dialysis. Now, it's already better after two weeks of this kind of treatment. Kidney function begins to really increase.

Paul E. Wanvig: Impressive. Another pretty unique way of treating your patients here is something called the life cell extract, organ cell peptide extracts.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes.

Paul E. Wanvig: Can you tell a little bit about what this is and how you use it?

Dr. Thomas Rau: When you look at Dr. Rau's three pillars which we discussed last time. It's detox, it's immune and building of intestines and rebuilding. So what we try our patients come diseased and they have weak organs, so we try to rebuild their organs cell by cell. What is a difference between a child, which has an up building capacity, grows and builds tissue, and an old person or a sick person who no more has this. Well, it's philosophical, the up building forces. But what is this up building forces. Nobody really knows the whole spectrum. But, what we know is that there are growth factors. Growth factors and we use these growth factors, we activate them, we concentrate them and inject it to the patients. And there are, this is proven even a Nobel Prize was given to Professor Prusiner that there are organ specific growth factors. And we found a technique to take the growth factors out of cells. So, we call it organ cell extracts. It is a technique which we are allowed to do but only for our patients, it's a unique permission which we have for individualized patients. What we do, we have cells, we take cells from little pigs, wild pigs. Because wild pigs they have 96 or so percent genetically identical to our own genes. We know this from insulin, you can take pig insulin, you can pig cornea, pig heart valves, and because they are not rejected. So, this is why we take little pigs. And we take these little pigs organs well, one pig has to be killed, but it's also used for scientific purposes, we take the other organs. And when they have the most growth, little pigs they come, they get born like this, and a wild boar is like this after a year. So they grow very fast. And in the period of the fastest growth they have a lot of growth factors. And we use this, we extract these from their organs. And we can inject them into the patients. This has a rebuilding function. It works very well on neurological diseases, on liver problems, it works very well on all neurological mainly but also macular degeneration as an example. And those are for patients that have a myelin bone marrow deficiency.

Paul E. Wanvig: And also for people like me with Chronic Fatigue. I go the injection from day one to help to restart my liver and my brain---

Dr. Thomas Rau: And the adrenal gland.

Paul E. Wanvig: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes.

Paul E. Wanvig: And what is the difference between this and the stem cell technology.

Dr. Thomas Rau: You know stem cells we do not use. Patients always talk about stem cells. And they go to whatever clinic and they say ohhh we provide stem cells and the most impressive is the price of what they ask for. But the effect, very unfortunately is not really proven. And we distance ourselves from the so-called stem cell treatment. Stem cells that are taken from the human, from autolytic autologous, so from your from your fat tissue or from your erythrocytes. They have the problem that they take the blood at the cells from the body who is sick. And sick is toxic, sick is whatever load. So these cells, they get processed but are they still active, we doubt. And it is also forbidden.

The use of stem cells, living stem cells is strictly forbidden and we don't do this. But it's not needed because our grow factors extraction work so well. By the way, we have another technique which is internationally coming up very much, and this is the platelet extract. The PRGF platelet released growth factors and in a way it's the same thinking behind the human body carries the growth factors for all the organs. They glue to the platelets, to the thrombocytes. And the thrombocytes carry them to all the organs. When we take platelets and we take blood we concentrate the platelets with a centrifuge technique and then we make a filtering technique so that the growth factors we've separated from the platelets and these we inject. For example, for cartilage for osteoarthritis. But also for other treatments.

Paul E. Wanvig: And this I'm totally impressed of because they did this with me also at the dental clinic. They took the blood out, and the separated it. And after the surgery, removing my wisdom teeth, they were spraying these platelets into the holes, they sewed together again and this is like incredible. I could feel it growing, I can feel the healing and there is no inflammation. This is like there is almost no inflammation and is this your experience from your other patients that there is very seldom inflammation with this kind of using platelets.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes, our dental clinic, that's a big advantage that we have a dental clinic adjunct to us. And these dentists they remove teeth, with root canals or when they are infected, the bone area and so, well then you have a hole in your jawbone when you remove. So, they put these platelets like a glue, they concentrate with the filtration technique, they concentrate and this gluey kind of platelet, it's like a chewing gum, they put in. But they are extremely rich in growth factors. And within two, three weeks the hole is closed. It's unbelievable. It increases the speed of the healing. And since we do this, well touch wood, but we no more have infections. We no more need antibiotics after even quite significant dental operations.

Paul E. Wanvig: And what I am also very impressed of, there is almost no pain.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes. Because the up building, there is no inflammation. Because these platelets they are so strong anti-inflammatory.

Paul E. Wanvig: And if I bring this two together now the platelets and the live cell extract, I heard some incredible stories about your patients here. Who come to you with extreme arthritis, in wheelchair and you inject the platelets into the joints and then additionally give them the live cell extract. And they told me that this is incredible what is happening with the body just after some few weeks.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Just now we have a lady who came in wheelchair, well she's still in wheelchair, and I injected this mixture of cell extracts plus platelet concentration. I injected this paravertebral and also into the spinal channel, into the spinal channel, epidural infiltration. And after several days she was able to stand up again. This Russian lady. So it's amazing. And she has no more multiple sclerosis, cramps and pain.

Paul E. Wanvig: And what I find fascinating is what you say is one thing but what I experience with all your patients and all these stories is pretty incredible. They say what you say and this is pretty unique.

Dr. Thomas Rau: The difference between us and other places is that we have multi modular approach. Very individualized and we work very strictly. So for example this MS patient got every day such injections, everyday. But after two weeks, after years of being paralyzed she could walk again. I don't say she's healed, absolutely not but significantly better.

Paul E. Wanvig: And the next treatment method you are really a specialist on in this clinic is the neural therapy. With the needles, where you are stinging all over, with the steel needles often long like this. What is neural therapy and how do you use it.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Neural therapy is a German technique it was developed over at least a century by the Huneke brothers. They began to do this and then a lot of Doctors used this technique. You can learn it. So it's a combination between nerve stimulation remedies which is lidocaine or procaine has a effect of the tension of the nerves cells. And specific points where we inject. And I added to it. Dr. Rau's isopathic neural therapy technique where we add homeopathic and isopathic remedies to it. And I check this not only to the segments but also to specific acupuncture points. So it works per dosage of medication which we use, only biological medication, more or less only biological remedies, it works much better if you inject it exactly to the right point. This is our technique.

Paul E. Wanvig: Is this a part of helping the body to heal and to restart itself.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes, it's also a stimulus again, it's a stimulative treatment.

Paul E. Wanvig: And the next thing you are working on so intensively within this clinic is oxygen treatment. All sorts of oxygen treatments.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes. Again we have different oxygen application techniques. Oxygen is oxygen from the air is something which all the healthy cells need to build their energy. ATP it needs in the mitochondria of the cells you need oxygen. It's the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle which produces from oxygen, energy, ATP. Not so the cancer cells, they have lost this capacity of utilizing oxygen so if I give oxygen to a cancer patient or also to an aging, old patient or organ, we oxygenate then it rebuilds the good cells. But not the cancer cells. So again we can make the healthy cells better and younger and the cancer cells they are not profiting from the oxygenation.

We have oxygen breathing, just O2 oxygen. We also have ionized oxygen, which is a little bit stronger. Or we oxygenate the blood, the erythrocytes with ozone, ozone is triple oxygen. And the latest technique is the IHHT which is the hyperbaric hypobaric oxygenation inhalation of oxygen and it changes the pressure, the computer changes the pressure. As if you would be on an elevation of 5,000 meter above sea level you don't have enough oxygen, the cells open they activate the mitochondria, then it drops down to sea level oxygenation. And then this oxygenation effect is even much, much stronger. This is good for cognitive decline, for neurological patients, for brain patients extremely good. And also for heart patients.

Paul E. Wanvig: And for people like me who is in a chronic fatigue. And additionally something normal people who is not educated in medicine find a little bit strange that you also pump your oxygen into the vein.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes. That's the oxyven kind of treatment. Which is pure oxygen, pure, no nitrogen, and we put this directly in a very slow flow there is no embolism because it's oxygen, air embolization only occurs with nitrogen not with oxygen. So this is the fastest technique so to say.

Paul E. Wanvig: And another interesting way you are treating me and a lot of other cancer patients also, is the PEMF, pulse electro magnetic field therapy and magnetic field therapy. Could you say some words about why you use it and how this works.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Everybody says, oh electro magnetic influences and electro magnetic fields are so bad that they destroy the body, which is true. But we speak about a totally different frequency which is a super low frequency, not the high as you have in the mobile phone towers and so. We have a frequency between seven, six to seven, up to about fifty hertz, this means per second. And each frequency has a different effect on the cells. The one difference between a living cell and a dead cell is that the living cell has an electro magnetic pulsation.

The frequency's about seven point six, well that's what the results will say, and so if you have this pulsation of the cell which is induced metabolically then you have a flow the vibration makes the flow in and out of the cells. So it increases the turn over of the metabolism. The older the cell gets the less this membrane potential is. With the electro magnetic field treatment we can increase the membrane potential. And again, we can activate the healthy cells but we deactivate the cancer cells. So this is another technique how we can approach. We have this ring, this simple technique, but we also have the higher frequency technique. Papimi which is very strong and heavy power which is the strongest. So it's different devices. But the technique and the thinking is all the same.

Paul E. Wanvig: And one of the things you do massively at the clinic is working with infusions. I get infusions almost every day. Different kind of blends, this one of your main method of helping people to regenerate.

Dr. Thomas Rau: When we look at our patients we really have a negative selection, they come super sick and they can't stay for months, so we are a little bit under pressure. In one week, two weeks, three weeks they have to get much better. We put them on another level. And to get to this point we have to do intensive treatment. This is why we give vitamin, trace elements, amino acids, infusions directly every day. And also oxygenation. Because this saves time. So it gets into the body much quicker. Of course this is a very condenses treatment but afterwards we have to find a solution for the patient to go on without these infusions. It's just you experienced in your own body after three weeks you are on a totally different level.

Paul E. Wanvig: And this is all individualized for every patient. I get a lot of things in my infusion so it's very picked out for my health state.

Dr. Thomas Rau:  There is not a single patient who has the same as you have. It's really individualized according to our findings which we do in the beginning.

Paul E. Wanvig: And you have a lot of treatment methods here and we only have tipped the top of the iceberg, we will not go in detail on all the other ones. But what I want to talk a little bit about is nutrition and nutrition supplements. And you recommend that patients are continuing with supplements and you have some special advices maybe for the general population what they should use.

Dr. Thomas Rau:  They should come to my seminars. To be realistic, we get our patients they are in a sincere lack of trace elements. We test them when they come. But more and more, old patients have a lack of trace elements they have a lack of essential amino acids. So in a way you can shoot out of the hip and just give these trace elements, supplements, vitamins and amino acids. So we individualize, but even if you take something for long term then it's much better. Our food within the last 40 years, 30 years decreased in real content absolutely dramatically. The food, the vegetables, even the meats are much less of real good content. Therefore our patients even though they eat too much, they are in a real deficiency of intake of trace elements. This is why we test this day one and then we supply. And we have products like this which is made from lava, lava is the richest in the world of trace elements because it comes from the inner of the earth. And we also provide or we suggest that the patients take products from, vegan products which are organic. But real organic.

Paul E. Wanvig: And let's say some words about this product because I find it is a fascinating product. This was one of the first products I was put on in this clinic because I am hyper proteinizated and have far too much protein in my body and I'm very acid. And this is one of the first supplements they was putting me on, can you explain. What has this to do with----

Dr. Thomas Rau:  Dr. Rau's essential acid formula. Well I have to be modest, it's not my formula they just allowed me to utilize this way. There is the Vargas family from Ecuador, their research since 30 years or 40 years, the research they built up these products. In Ecuador in an elevation of about 3,000 meters growing on a pure lava soil they grow Quinoa, Amaranth, Chocho beans, Con all gluten free products and vegetables. And these they grow on the equator sun, directly on the equator, in this elevation, on lava. And this lava is so extremely rich in trace elements and content that these plants even growing so high up they contain 90 different elements of the periodic system of the elements. We test it several times and we found about 90 nine zero, elements in this. Elements which you don't have any more in the food. For example chromium. What chromium you need to make the sensitivity to insulin.

So, if you don't have chromium the chance to get diabetes is much higher. Only one example. The same with manganese an intestinal mucous membrane or manganese and heart muscle. The function of these cells gets much better if you have these trace elements. They are supplied and it contains all of the eight essential amino acids which the body needs to take up contained in this product. So this is why we use this product. Of course if you would have long term, it's an initial treatment of course, if you have afterwards a nutrition which supplies, you changed vegetables all the time, you eat more or less vegetarian, part organic vegetarian, then you can provide these elements to on a long term. But the patient comes in a sincere lack. There is no more storage of trace elements in our patients they are empty. So to say, so we have to fill up within the three weeks, we do this with supplement products.

Paul E. Wanvig: If people want to learn more you have written some fantastic books and additionally you are not keeping your secrets you are teaching it in Paracelsus Academy. How can people learn, can you tell a little bit about your books and the Paracelsus Academy.

Dr. Thomas Rau: After 30 years of practicing, and still practicing on patients I have such a big experience and I think my duty is to spread this to the world. Because we can heal or at least successfully approach non definable diseases. Our non definable diseases patients they are our patients but they are the big problem patients anyhow worldwide. So, as you were one. And this just needs to be taught. I'm now in my age I should no more treat patients I should teach, this is much more important. And this I try to realize to begin to teach and we built up the academy. Paracelsus Academy or Dr. Rau's Academy for Biological Medicine. I began to teach and now this is institutionalized, so we have Dr. Rou's Academy for Biological Medicine which is situated here at the clinic.

And which has spread to North America we have Biological Medicine Academy North America and we do now teaching. We have a certification program for biological medicine for practitioners, we have another one how to learn about biological medicine for laypersons. It's a health consultant education in German and in English. We both have in German and in English. So, last year I was I think around 25 weekends I was talking to Doctors, to patients, to interested laypersons. This is what we do. Besides this, I wrote five books, this is the most important one 'Biological Medicine the Future of Natural Healing'. This is so to say, the handbook of biological medicine. Nothing is ever complete of course. I did a nutritional book and I did a layperson book which is 'Swiss Secret'. This was sold more than 50,000 times because it's simple and it tells the patient what can you do yourself.

Paul E. Wanvig: And I found it a very good book to read before I was coming to the clinic. Then I was understanding why you are doing what you are doing, why you are doing the diet and the background for your choices.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Exactly.

So, teaching is very important. And if anyone wants to be informed please address to Academy@Paracelsus.com We have regularly we do seminars for laypersons and for professionals in the US and also here in Switzerland.

Paul E. Wanvig:  Thank you very much Dr. Rau.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Your welcome, very welcome. Thank you for your interest.

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