Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases with Swiss Biological Medicine – Interview #2 with Dr. Thomas Rau - Paul E. Wanvig

Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases

Interview #2 with Dr. Thomas Rau

​Topic: Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases
  • Review of my own test results and why I have been very ill for so many years.

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Paul E. Wanvig: Welcome to the second interview with Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. And today, it's all about diagnosing and mapping out a treatment plan. 15 years they have tried to heal me with orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, functional medicine, and I used a fortune. I used so many years and all they could say that I'm depressed. So Dr. Rau, am I the typical depressed patient? Is this why I'm a zoombie for 15 years, totally burned out, no energy, not able to do my work?

Dr. Thomas Rau: Mister Wanvig, you know, you are such a super case for us. We get patients from all over the world and they come with undefinable diseases and these undefinable diseases, that's a big topic everywhere in all the Western countries and the so-called advanced countries. I just had a speech in South Korea and the medical director, the director of the doctor society, medical association came and he talked about 80 percent of the South Korean health costs are produced by undefinable diseases. This is an epidemic now and you are one of these cases. Yes. You go to a doctor and you tell him, "I'm so tired." Blah, blah, blah. I have undefinable symptoms.

And then they make some checkup. They make the checkup, yes, they look everything. You go to an analysis, they make profile, blood, chemistry, and so on. And at the end, sometimes they even make endoscopies and they even make MRIs and they even make such things. And at the end they say, "Mr. Wanvig, you have nothing." You are only psychologically strange. You are depressed. Poor Mr. Wanvig. Yes, so they give you antidepressants. Okay? They might even work a little bit but normally they don't. So all these tests were done, for example an MRI, or even a coronary heart angiography or a endoscopy or all these profile tests in the blood.

They were done to see if you have a disease, a manifest disease of an organ. But they don't find because what you have is multi-organ, it's functional, it's not anatomically fixed yet. So with these tests, you don't find. I make a comparison. We have fog outside. Then I don't see the next house because there is fog. So I say, I have to take my magnification lenses. The best like lenses. But you still don't see anything because it's the wrong tool. And what normally is used in your cases is diagnoses with wrong tools. We try to find what suppresses your cellular metabolism because your cells, they don't work anymore. You are now, whatever, 50, but you are like a 90 year old.

Paul E. Wanvig: Yes.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Because the cells, they are just not oxygenized. The cells metabolism is no more functioning. Why? We look for toxic load, we look for the biggest organ, which is the big pull of the life forces, the intestines. The intestinal fire of life. We look at that. We look at toxic load and also why do you have the toxic load. Are you even able to detoxify or do you have a genetic lack of detoxification and that's why you get so high? We look at the dental, are there toxins? Are there blockages like you clearly have. You have blocked wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth, they hang according to the Chinese medicine understanding, they hang together with the small intestines. We look at the small intestines and we also find that they are minimized due to food intolerances which you've had for years, years, years, years.

The intestinal mucus membranes they were shrinking to one quarter what they would be because we can measure indirectly the activity of the mucus membranes of the intestines. So your pull of life forces, the mucus membranes and the bacteria of the intestines, they are significantly reduced. So everything is in small flame. Metabolic, nearly no more flame. We have to put some oil into this flame so that it begins to reburn and what is this. We also did toxic evaluation. We found heavy metals, mercury. And we found perflua octanic acid, which is organic toxin, which is a blockade of the mitrochondrial cellular energy. So you are just toxically loaded. Then we found, we do tests for genetic- we do gene tests where we can see if your body has genetically the capacity to detoxify and the glutathione transferase gene is fully missing. So you can't detoxify from heavy metals. Impossible. So the road to the detoxification is closed here.

 So the road is closed, what are you doing logically? Well, you turn and pass through the other village. We have to try, we have to use other pathways of detoxification and that's what we do here. But this is a long process. After so many years of no result, you can't expect that you get better quickly, but you are getting healed. It takes two, three years. Next, we test for serotonin in your body. "Mr. Wanvig, you are so depressed, you need antidepressant." What do the antidepressants do? They increase the serotonin level. This is why sometimes they work. But we look for why, why do you have decreased serotonin? Because serotonin is produced in the small intestinal mucus membranes and we found they are shrank to about one quarter. Unbelievable. The patient does not feel that his or her intestines are sincerely diseased.

They never feel this. Well, the whole thing leads to increased toxic load. The body tries to do something and you get the chronic inflammatory activity. We can find this on high ferritin. You are such a master example of how we can explain your disease if we look at it from a different viewpoint. But not only this, we now as it gets so clear, you have serotonin low, you have high ferritin, you have to do the glutathione transferase, zero. Well we really have to look for your intestine, the biggest organ in your body. We test comprehensive stool analysis but also neuroendocrine profile, these are the hormones in saliva and we tested this, and again, low serotonin, low DHA, low cortisone level. Not only the intestine is wrecked, but also as a compensation, the body tries to compensate the weakness and increases the adrenal gland but the adrenal gland gets to a fatigue. This is a question in your age of several years and then you are in adrenal fatigue. The Americans begin to comprehend adrenal fatigue but they do not yet look to the backgrounds which are in the intestines.

Therefore, we test intestines and we see immunitary secratory IGA, which is parallel to the size of the mucus membranes of the small intestines is decreased to less that one quarter of what it should be and wrong bacteria overgrew your intestinal system. Clostridium, which produced neural toxins. Unconscious nerve system of the intestines, the parasympathetic nerve system breaks together. We can test this. Parasympathetic far in the yellow, nearly in the red. Sympathetic tries to compensate, this is the adrenal, tries to compensate. Well, it's not very high because you have the adrenal fatigue but you see the discrepancy. It should be exactly the other way around. So we can test the backgrounds of diseases as you have and make it clear what we have to do.

This is our diagnostic. But to rebuild the adrenal strength takes one to two years. To rebuild the intestinal strength takes half to one year. It's a long process and you have to continue. Detoxification per patient, this takes long, because your body doesn't have the highway to detox. You have to take the forest treks in your detoxification, in this picture of the highway, how we get to a place. So it is a long-term treatment. Slowly, slowly you will get better. When we see each other in three years, you will say, "My life is totally different today." You are not the first, you are the 500th. It is an epidemic nowadays. It's really an epidemic what you have and they get not diagnosed by orthodox means. This is the sad part. Dr. Rau's biological medicine testing addresses to the causes, to the underlying causes, we can find why you are sick and then we can treat it accordingly.

Paul E. Wanvig: And what is the typical then treatment plan? That you could put up for me in a case like this?

Dr. Thomas Rau: What is the treatment plan? Super individualized. We have to do treatment for the intestinal upbuilding which begins with the bacteria. Then we have to do an upbuilding of the T cells of the immune system, which our immune system sits in the intestines and our age, 90 percent of the immune system is in the intestines. We have to upbuild this too with out GC Muno, with our EM ferment, the immune stimulation things and you have to do a change of diet according to your food intolerances. You have to avoid the food intolerances. This is the treatment, and then you have to do a cellular upbuilding with trace elements and minerals in various states and all this, phospholipids and so.

Paul E. Wanvig: And this I am in the middle of. And of course, I will document all my parts through the clinic and also of course in the time to come and I'm pretty excited. That's at least for the first time somebody can explain why I feel so ill and so tired all the time.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Yes.

Paul E. Wanvig: That is victory for me.

Dr. Thomas Rau: Thank you.

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