Holistic diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic diseases - Paul E. Wanvig

Holistic diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic diseases

How Dr. Thomas Rau M.D, the founder of Swiss Biological Medicine diagnosed and treated me. 

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 03.2018

Having consulted numerous doctors across various fields of medicine, I was left frustrated time after time, as none of them could tell me why I felt chronically ill. I visited over 200 physicians, and quite often their expert opinion was that "We find nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig," or "You must learn to live with your disease." Who was I to argue with professionals that had an astonishing array of qualifications displaced on their walls? Needless to say, even I, a highly optimistic person, was very discouraged. But 15 years into my quest, I finally came across the answer.

In Part 1 of this article series, "One of the biggest downturns in my life", I shared the background of my health situation and how I ended up in Dr. Thomas Rau's clinic in Switzerland. In Part 2, "Serious illness can originate from the teeth", I shared my experience with the holistic dental department of the clinic. In this article, I share my experiences with how Dr. Rau diagnoses and treats patients.

Interview #2 with Dr. Thomas Rau

​Topic: Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases
  • Review of my own test results and why I have been very ill for so many years.

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The art of making the right diagnosis

Without proper diagnosis, it is nearly impossible to treat illness properly. It's like fiddling in the dark and hoping that maybe one of the medicines and treatment methods will at least help with some of the symptoms.

"It helps little with all the blood tests in the world if the doctor is unable to look for and test the correct parameters with the right type of blood tests," said Dr. Thomas Rau. "One of the main problems with doctors in orthodox school medicine is that they are not trained to look at the right places, especially when it comes to chronic illness," he continued.

This explained why the first two days at the clinic were used for extensive diagnosis with methods from both Western school medicine and biological medicine that I had never heard of before, to find the causes of my chronic disease condition: ECG; EEG; ultrasound examinations; measurement of values for xenohormones (chemicals that mimic the hormones in the body); checking for a variety of viruses, sub-clinical infections, and heavy metal poisoning; measurement of the state of the autonomic nervous system; thermography; and more.

Over 40 tubes of blood resulted in approximately 470 different blood values and parameters. About 80 of these were slightly outside of normal levels, while around 30 of them were quite far away from normal values. Based on this, the clinic could diagnose and explain the causes of my illness. A treatment plan was then drawn up to cure the causes of the disease, so that I could finally recover!

Above you will find the second video interview I did with Dr. Rau where he explains some of my test results and the reasons why I was ill.

Treatment methods

According to Dr. Rau, one of the main reasons behind the Paracelsus Clinic's good results is a multimodal treatment form, where they use many different therapies in parallel based on the diagnosis. Here is an overview of some of the treatment modalities they combine to treat cancer, chronic illnesses, and cases like mine—chronic fatigue.

Below you will also find the third video interview I did with Dr. Rau in which he tells about the different therapies used in the clinic.

Interview #3 with Dr. Thomas Rau

Topic: Holistic treatment of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • How Dr. Thomas Rau treat complex and chronic diseases with Swiss Biological Medicine
  • Systemic hyperthermia
  • Local hyperthermia
  • life cell extract
  • PRGFT therapy
  • Neurotherapy
  • Oxygen and ozone therapy
  • PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Intravenous infusion therapy
  • and more..

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Hyperthermia heat treatment

Hyperthermia means to increase the body temperature well above normal. During hyperthermia treatment, all or part of the patient's body is heated to induce a fever. There are essentially two types of hyperthermia, and these methods work in completely different ways:

1. Systemic hyperthermia: The entire body is heated to 38.5–41 degrees Celsius (101–106 degrees Fahrenheit) in a special heater chamber (Heckel heat chamber) or using a special hot bed (Iratherm).

2. Local hyperthermia: Local areas of the body, such as the liver, breast, or prostate are heated up to 42–44 degrees Celsius (107–111 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fever is one of the body's healing reactions that activates the white blood cells. For each degree Celsius the body temperature increases above normal, the activity of the white blood cells is intensified by 2–3 times. Increasing body temperature from 36–39 degrees Celsius increases the activity of the immune system and the white blood cells by 8–10 times. 


Iratherm hyperthermia bed

In case of fever, the white blood cells become activated in the bone marrow and flow into the bloodstream. The T-lymphocytes attack other viruses and detect cancer cells. Macrophages eat and digest foreign substances, cancer cells, microbes, and cells that are sick or dead.

Fever also activates the body's metabolism and circulation, which results in sweating and detoxification, and the body's cellular activity is increased. One of the unique results with hyperthermia and fever is that sick cells die while healthy ones survive. Since cancer cells cannot live at high temperatures, proper use of hyperthermia as a form of treatment is a very effective method for treating multiple cancers.

Systemic hyperthermia is well documented in medical literature (see PubMed.gov), and there is a lot of evidence confirming that induced fever activates cytokines (signal molecules that help control the immune system and fight disease), interferons (mobilization of the body's defense mechanisms), and activation of white blood cells.

Heckel heat chamber

Local hyperthermia works in a completely different way from systemic. In this method, only a limited area of the body is heated to 42–44 degrees Celsius. Cancer cells become apoptotic—they simply commit "suicide"—at a temperature of approximately 42 degrees.

Fresh cells, especially white blood cells, are also activated in the heated area and can survive up to 44 degrees. Paracelsus clinics heat up to 42 degrees Celsius using different techniques and devices that accurately measure the internal temperature in the area that is heated.

The devices operate by using short waves or by pushing ions into the tissue that increase the temperature in the cancerous tissue. With this equipment, the clinic can treat major cancer nodes, like lung cancer, or treat extremely small areas, like lymph nodes.

Both systemic and local hyperthermia are also used against chronic fatigue and weak immune systems, as in my case, and against autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. Both methods are also used for patients with unclear symptoms like seen in fatigue syndrome, all with very good results.

i-Therm local hyperthermia

Life Cell Extract

The clinic has, in collaboration with German biochemists and biologists, developed a method for separating and concentrating growth factors and cell peptides that can be injected intramuscularly, without side effects, to stimulate patient cells to function better and rebuild cells. The method is called Organ Cell Peptide Extracts.

The clinic separates cells from 16 different organs of young organic pigs, which have a DNA that is almost like that of human DNA, so that the treatment can be applied directly to the affected area.

This treatment method works well on neurological diseases, liver disease, myeloma bone marrow deficiency, adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, and more. According to Dr. Rau, this is a more effective method than stem cell treatment and is both safer and less expensive.

See the video above for more details about this treatment method.

Organ Cell Peptide Extracts

PRGFT therapy

PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) therapy is an effective method for the natural regeneration of bone, cartilage, connective tissue and skin, as well as to activate the immune system in the area where it is applied. This method was used on me during my two rounds of dental surgery, during which two hidden wisdom teeth were removed.

After surgery, the dentist injected PRGF into the wounds and closed them. This meant that I had no pain, swollen mouth, nor inflammation. The result of this method is that 99.7 percent of patients do not get infections or inflammations after dental surgery, thanks to this unique and simple method. That is why the clinic rarely needs to use antibiotics.

Preparing PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) 

PRGFT is made by tapping the patient for 4–5 tubes of blood, which is centrifuged to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The middle third of the plasma in the tubes is mixed with a coagulant so that the plasma becomes like jelly, which is then injected into the open wound. The wound in the jawbone usually heals within 2–3 weeks.

This method is also used for skin diseases and as an effective alternative to Botox to remove wrinkles. The advantage is that "it works better than Botox and is without side effects," said Dr. Rau.

PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) 

Neural therapy

Neural therapy is a German technique developed by the Huneke Brothers. The technique is a combination of stimulation of nerves and special acupuncture points by injection of procaine or lidocaine together with a mixture of isopathic and homeopathic agents.

The method may be effective in stimulating self-regulation of the body's various systems and organs to cure the causes of a particular disease.

Oxygen and ozone therapy

Healthy cells need oxygen to produce energy. Cancer cells do not have the capacity to use oxygen to create this energy. When cancer patients, old and weak patients, or patients with chronic fatigue receive pure oxygen, old and diseased cells get the opportunity to rebuild themselves and become healthy again.

To add oxygen to the cells, the clinic uses methods such as inhalation of pure oxygen, inhalation of ionized oxygen, intravenous injection of pure oxygen in the blood (Oxyven), ozone, or IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training), during which the patient breathes in different types of air with high and low oxygen levels.

IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training)


PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy uses electromagnetic fields that stimulate cells and organs with ions to activate the ability of cell membranes to nourish cells and remove waste from the cells.

When cells are exposed to low frequency electromagnetic pulses (5–50 Hz) they begin to vibrate, which increases the electrical potential between the inside and outside of the cell membrane.

A healthy cell has an electrical potential of approximately 70 mV, which ensures that the cell's metabolism works. An ill cell has a much lower potential. Through the use of PEMF, you can help the healing processes in organs and tissues, and the method can be effective for killing cancer cells.

The clinic uses various types of PEMF machines as part of their treatment program for cancer, chronic fatigue, neurological diseases, and other pains.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) after my dental surgery

Intravenous infusion therapy

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and isopathic and homeopathic agents are administered intravenously daily to shorten the time patients need to get healthy. 

Each patient receives a tailor-made mix of remedies, based on the diagnosis results.

In addition to the treatment methods discussed here, the clinic also uses several other treatments to help its seriously ill patients. 

In the next article, I will share how to find inner balance in your life through the art of self-regulation.


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