Paul E. Wanvig | From Burnout to Enlightenment!

Beyond Positive Psychology

A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment

- Written by Paul E. Wanvig

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The ability to change and adapt quickly in today’s unpredictable world is more critical than ever before for creating and retaining abundance, health, meaning, and happiness.

Whether you want to escape the rat race, find happiness, change your career, solve demanding health problems, understand the path to authentic meaning and fulfillment, or just live fully by getting in touch with your true inner self, Beyond Positive Psychology is the blueprint.

This step-by-step guide to a Conscious, Enlightened Life teaches:

  • Why self-sufficiency to change and adapt quickly is the most important skill you can acquire in today’s accelerating, changing world.
  • How to utilize the immense power of your brain to boost your change process.
  • How to overcome the Almighty Syndrome, which is the #1 reason for limiting the ability to change and create the life you dream about.
  • How to use the Seven Golden Keys for Creating a Conscious, Enlightened Mind.
  • How to understand what Your True Inner Self wants with your life.
  • Why mastering ancient wisdom and technologies to access metaphysical spheres (described in quantum field theory) can turbo-boost all changing processes like an enzyme that accelerates chemical reactions.

Paul E. Wanvig has transformed, created, and expanded on what he learned from his mentors to create his unique personal transformation style and methods. This is not just about personal change, but true transformation that will impact your body, mind, and soul at its core. Paul used these methods to transform himself from living an empty, meaningless life—and having a life-threatening health situation—back to excellent health, excitement for life, and the passion to inspire others. He has proven that his efficient methods in making extensive positive changes with life and health really do work.

With extensively specialized education, Paul has become an expert in ancient practices and modalities. For more than a decade, through his own extensive exploration and training in personal transformation and personal development, Paul discovered a unique combination of modern and ancient technologies that quiet the mind, heal the heart, transform the body, create abundance, and can change the quality of life on a daily basis.

His trainings and online content have simplified and accelerated the personal development and transformation process for tens of thousands of Europeans. Some of his clients include top Norwegian CEOs, nurses, medical doctors, lawyers, physiotherapists, midwives, engineers, and even students and retirees.

Given the realities of today’s world, Beyond Positive Psychology takes the best of modern and ancient scientific practices, medicine, technology, and philosophy to create objective, measurable results for your own personal transformation.

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Paul E. Wanvig is a well-known Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, speaker, spiritual thought leader, and personal transformation expert throughout Europe. As a graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Paul holds a master’s degree in computer technology with an emphasis in telecommunication and technical cybernetics. He has helped thousands of Europeans find success with his personal development and transformation training.

As a journalist, Paul has been creating original content for the past 10 years for Medium Magazine, a leading holistic health magazine in Norway. His specialty topics include the following: lifestyle, health, diet, positive psychology, personal development, and spirituality. He currently lives in Germany with his wife (picture below).

Today, Paul spends leisure time digging in the garden, repairing his 220-year-old house made out of oak and clay (always something to care for), going for rides and tours with his wife and dogs on their three-wheel recumbent bicycles, and walking while contemplating life’s meaning in the beautiful Teutoburger Wald forest in Central Germany.