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One of the biggest downturns in my life!

One of the biggest downturns in my life!

How Dr. Thomas Rau M.D, the founder of Swiss Biological Medicine appeared to me in the twelfth hour. 

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 01.2018

My journey from burnout to living an enlightened life has been a rollercoaster, which though exciting, has also been very challenging. In this article, I am sharing with you the experience of one of the lowest points in my life and what went wrong last year (2017). You will also see how I found the solution to my several of my biggest health problem, and how it can be of benefit to you too.

2017 was one of the hardest years since my burnout in 2003 that almost killed me. For the past fifteen years, I have done everything in my power to find a solution to the problem that caused my health crash in '03.

I have found answers to the other important mysteries: how to fill my life with happiness, joy, meaning, abundance and love. I thought I was close to figuring out how to fully regenerate my physical health, but then I collapsed again at the beginning of 2017.

Interview with Dr. Thomas Rau

Topic: Introduction to Swiss Biological Medicine

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • The philosophy behind the clinic's exceptional results.
  • How close to 100% of the patients with CFS/ME and Lyme disease (borreliosis), even in advanced stages, get healed.
  • Why the use of antibiotics in the treatment of Lyme disease is harmful.
  • Why the clinic has such good results in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other cancers without the use of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy by curing the causes of cancer.
  • Why the preventive removal of breasts after a genetic test to avoid cancer later in life is meaningless.
  • Why wisdom teeth, cavitations, root fillings, and implants often are the main cause of chronic disease.
  • And several other exciting topics.

More interviews with Dr. Rau

You can see all the exciting interviews I did with Dr. Thomas Rau here.

The first shock

Since orthodox Western medicine failed to find a cure for my ailment, I had decided to seek alternatives in complementary medicine. Starting in 2004, I pursued every avenue I could find and spent thousands of hours learning and subjecting myself to functional medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, meditation, feng shui, astrology, shamanism and much more. I felt I was close to a breakthrough, because I could feel myself getting better by the day.

But during the last few months of 2016, I began to sense something was wrong with my body, even though I couldn't put a finger on it. It all came to a head during my first seminar in Norway in January 2017. There were more than 100 seminar participants eager to learn about the practical uses of shamanism in their daily lives, but for the first time in my life, I could not muster the energy to conduct the seminar.

I felt completely empty after the first day. I was unsure if I could continue, and I had thoughts of possibly needing to cancel the seminar. Somehow, I was able to mobilize enough energy to finish the seminar reasonably well.

The biggest downturn

Over the next few months, things began to get a lot worse. It got harder for me to teach my seminars and travel for them. I had to cancel many appointments, because I was always falling ill. I ended up taking a summer vacation for three months, but it was of no help at all.

Although I'm an optimist by nature, this got me very worried. I began to prepare myself to make major changes in my professional life, but these thoughts made me feel miserable. It seemed that my body was becoming too weak for me to continue doing what I love most—holding seminars and counselling people on how to find their path and to get back to being themselves.

On the other hand, I was frustrated because I had spent many years, time, energy, and financial resources to look for solutions to get in shape again. How was it, that my body could no longer produce enough energy anymore, almost overnight?

It seemed to make no difference that I had excellent nutrition with a hyperallergic diet without gluten, sugar, milk, and soy, which included low FODMAP, and so on. Losing more than 40 kilograms (90 pounds) helped little. Healing my severe sleep apnea with more than 25 breath stops per hour and no longer needing a CPAP machine (breathing machine) also helped little for my lack of energy.

It helped little that my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Leaky Gut (leaky bowel) and SIBO (overgrowth of small intestinal bacteria) were healed, and that for the first time, I had no upset stomach aches, pains, and cramps. It helped little that I had healed my fatty liver, which now was in perfect condition. It helped little that I went through a variety of diagnoses from both Western school medicine and complementary medicine.

Every professional I met gave me the same answer, over and over again: “We find nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig...”

Yet I could feel that there was something wrong with my body. I could, among other things, feel the inflammation in my head. My face and gums felt swollen and inflamed. So many thoughts began to flood my mind. Was this just my imagination and hypochondria? Was this depression? I had visited a number of dentists, both traditional and alternative, and all of them said my teeth and my gums were completely healthy.

In the twelfth hour

One evening in late August, I came across a lecture by Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of Europe's largest and most successful clinic in biological and complementary medicine, the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. In recent years, the clinic had treated more than 30,000 patients from 80 countries for cancer, burnout (CFS/ME), Lyme disease (borreliosis), MS, Morbus Crohns, ulcerative colitis, and all types of chronic diseases with very good results.

I had known about the clinic for several years, but I hadn't really studied what they were doing. This time, I read all the books by Dr. Rau, as well as reviewed his lectures and every other material he had published. Dr. Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic said they were experts in cases like mine: those who had more or less been given up on by orthodox medicine.

The Frist Step

Three months later, I sat in the office of Dr. Rau, as both a patient and a journalist. I had spent two days at the clinic going through intensive diagnosis using both Western school methods and methods of biological medicine that I had never heard of before, to find the causes of my chronic condition.

The first station I was sent to when I arrived was the dentist, who took a panorama and a three-dimensional x-ray of my teeth and gums. Dr. Rau presented the results of this first. He lifted his eyebrows when he saw the pictures of my teeth.

"Here we probably have one of the main reasons why you are chronically ill and that no therapy has worked on you. You have a strong inflammation in the pockets around your upper wisdom teeth that are hidden under the gum" he said. He then explained the health consequences of having hidden wisdom teeth with inflammation, root fillings, cavitations, implants, and metals in the mouth (including amalgam).

"In more than 70 percent of all cancer patients we have at the clinic, the main reason behind the cancer lies in the dental health of the patients. Therefore, we always send all patients to our dental clinic first to take a 3D and panorama image of the teeth,” he continued.

Dr. Rau also said that it helped little what types of treatments and therapies I was being treated with unless the root causes of the disease are removed, like my infected wisdom teeth. My wisdom teeth had caused me trouble for many years, but I didn't know it was a potentially serious problem. The inflammation had significantly reduced my body's ability to regulate itself, thus blocking my body's own self-healing powers.

Frustration and relief

At first I was relieved that someone finally found something wrong with me at all that could be the reason for my chronic fatigue. But I was also frustrated because I had been to several expert dentists who found nothing wrong with me. The last dentist I visited the previous year even had a professor's title in holistic dentistry, and he repeated what the other dentists had said: “There's nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig.”

How could dentists not find such obvious problems that even I could pinpoint in the 3D images Dr. Rau presented to me? The reasons can be many, but I think that lack of understanding and knowledge about inflammation and consequences of hidden wisdom teeth, inflamed cavitations, root fillings, implants, etc., as well as lack of effective treatment methods to cure inflammation and such problems, are high on the list.

In addition, most dentists (at least in Norway and Germany) will avoid the delicate surgery I needed to remove my wisdom teeth, because they were in close contact with my sinuses.

The Paracelsus Clinic uses a comprehensive system for treatment before, during, and after dental surgery to avoid problems, such as infections, and for making sure that the holes created in the jawbone during surgery heal fully within 3–6 weeks.

“If the dentist is not an expert in this type of procedure, it can cause major problems for the patient,” said Dr. Rau.

In article 2, I will share an interview with the dentist who performed the surgery on me, and you will find out about what they do at the dental clinic and how the surgery went.

Article series about Swiss Biological Medicine and Dr. Thomas Rau


Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher & encouraging optimist dedicated to helping you and your family live a Fulfilled Life and ending the stress and burnout epidemic by Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine and Technology.

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Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth!

Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth

In more than 70 percent of Dr. Thomas Rau´s patients, one or more of the main causes of cancer and most forms of chronic disease is related to the teeth.

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 02.2018

Dr. Thomas Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland uses biological dental treatment as an important tool for curing serious diseases in patients who have tried "every" treatment method without success. In more than 70 percent of his clients, one or more of the main causes of cancer and most forms of chronic disease is related to the teeth. This is based on their statistics, where more than 30,000 seriously ill patients from 80 countries have been treated.

It took me 15 years and a great number of dentists, doctors, and other specialists before I finally find out that one of the main causes of my chronic disease state was two hidden wisdom teeth with infections in my upper jaw.

In the first article about my experience with the Paracelsus Clinic, titled "One of the biggest downturns in my life!", I described the background of my illness and my first meeting with Dr. Rau.

Unable to diagnose the problems

A year before I ended up in the Paracelsus Clinic, I visited a dentist who was a professor in holistic dentistry. He had his title hung on his wall, so when he repeated what other dentists had said... "There's nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig..." I was inclined to believe him.

However, my troubles persisted. So after my visit to the dentist at Paracelsus Clinic, I began to wonder why the numerous dentists I had visited couldn't find obvious problems that even I could see in the most recent 3D images.

The reasons could be many, but I think there is a lack of understanding and knowledge about hidden inflammation and the effects of wisdom teeth, cavitations, root-fillings, implants, amalgam, etc., as well as a lack of effective treatment methods. In addition, many dentists will avoid the difficult procedure I went through to remove my wisdom teeth, among other things, because the teeth were in contact with my sinuses.

The Paracelsus Clinic uses a comprehensive system for treatment before, during, and after dental surgery to avoid problems such as infections, and for making sure that the holes created in the jawbone during surgery heal fully within 3–6 weeks. 

"If the dentist is not an expert on such types of surgery, it can cause major problems for patients," said Dr. Thomas Rau. You can see several exciting interviews with him here.

Interview with my dentist

This is an interview with Dr. Gunnar Reifert who was my dentist at the Paracelsus Clinic.

Topic: Serious illnesses can originate from the teeth

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Why dental health is central to your overall health condition.
  • The connection between the teeth and organs of the body and how problems related to the teeth can adversely affect the organs.
  • The main problems with dental health. Why root canals, jawbone cavitations, galvanic currents, etc. can cause health problems.
  • The Clinic's unique methodology for preventing infections after surgery.
  • You will also see some clips from my surgery...

The biggest problems

In most of the patients with severe disease, the Paracelsus Clinic often finds various problems with dental health as one of the major causes of the disease. According to Dr. Rau, it is difficult to cure a chronic disease without first diagnosing the root cause of the illness. So, every patient at their clinic must first undergo a check at the dental department. One of the things that astonished me was how many dentists make mistakes with root canal fillings.

Root canal fillings are often performed by regular dentists when the nerve (pulp) in the tooth root is dead or damaged due to a bacterial infection. The nerve is excavated, and the root canal is filled with a hard material.

Such fillings are a taboo at the Paracelsus Clinic, as they can cause major health consequences due to bacterial infections and toxins that remain in and around the rotten tooth. Therefore, all patients with severe or chronic disease are obliged to remove all root canal fillings.

"Without this, it is difficult to cure the cause of severe chronic disease. The dead tooth must be removed, possibly replaced by an implant, a bridge or the like of ceramics," said Dr. Gunnar Reifert.

Bacterial Infections

The books "The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick" by Dr. Robert Kulacz, DDS and Thomas E. Levy, MD and “Root Canal Cover Up” by George E. Meining describes the serious consequences of root canal fillings. Additional I recommend to watch the Netflix documentary "Root Cause" who follows a man's 10-year search for the underlying cause of his chronic illnesses after being exposed to dental root canal procedure's harmful risks.

The jaw bone consists of a myriad of tiny cavities where bacterial infections can occur locally in small areas (which are not necessarily related to the root canal fillings). Another type of cavitation occurs in areas of the jaw with dead bone tissue that may occur after drawing out a wisdom tooth.

Cavitation in the jaw bone does not need to be associated with pain or other symptoms, but the toxic substances from infections can reach all organs in the body through the blood and lymph nodes and cause major health problems. The Paracelsus Clinic has precise methods for finding and treating all types of jaw cavitation with great success and few complications.

According to my dentist at the clinic, Dr. Gunnar Reifert, all types of metals in the mouth can cause health problems in the long term. One of the reasons is galvanic current that occurs between two different metals in the mouth. This arises due to the constant production of saliva, which creates an atmosphere that contains enough salt to generate electrical power between two metals.

Galvanic currents can also occur with only one type of metal in the mouth, such as gold or amalgam, which is in contact with two electrolytes at the same time as the liquid soft tissue in the tooth and saliva. Oral galvanic current can cause major negative effects in the body, especially in the central nervous system and the brain.

Diagnosis of galvanic current is simple. A dentist can easily measure this with a sensitive current meter. At the Paracelsus Clinic, all patients with metal in the mouth are checked for galvanic current. It is recommended that this is treated for patients with chronic and severe illnesses, as well as for the prevention of disease. This is done by removing all metal from the mouth and replacing it with ceramic (zirconia).

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam contains approximately 50 percent mercury. This is a neurotoxin that can be one of the main causes of illness.

The Paracelsus Clinic removes the amalgam in addition to all the mercury and other toxic metals that have accumulated in the body over time.

Removal of amalgam takes place under extensive protection of both the patient and the dentist.

My experience

The only thing I feared during my stay at the clinic was that they would find bigger problems with my dental health. I have had an intense fear of dentists from when I was a child up until when I was almost 40 years old. For more than 20 years, I was afraid to visit any dentist until I found the key to getting over my fear in an efficient way. Even now, however, I cannot say that I have the longing for either the smell of the dental office or a dental chair.

On my first day of treatment, the dental department took a digital panoramic x-ray image (OPG-orthopedic tomography) of my teeth, gums, and jaws. With these pictures, it is easy for a competent dentist to find diseases related to the teeth, gums, or jawbone. In addition, I went through a series of tests to look for infections, cavitations, galvanic currents, and more.

Even the blood tests showed that I had problems related to my jaw and teeth. Among other things, they found a high value of Rantes Chemokine, which is a protein encoded by the CCL5 gene. This protein plays a role in activating leukocytes (T cells), which causes inflammation. Dead tissue in the cavitations of the jaw bone can lead to a high concentration of Rantes in the blood.

The x-ray showed that I had two hidden wisdom teeth in my upper jaw with bacterial infection and toxins (picture above). Blood tests and other biological tests showed the same result. This inflammation was causing a major strain on my body and immune system, and Dr. Rau and Dr. Reifert concluded that my wisdom teeth had to be removed. They estimated that this was probably one of the main reasons behind my chronically poor health condition.

The surgery

​The removal of my wisdom teeth was a tricky affair, because they were only 1–2 millimeters from my sinuses. If, by accident, any holes should form in the very thin membrane between the wisdom teeth and the sinuses, they could cause major problems, since the bacteria from the mouth can leak to the sinuses and infect them. But fortunately, the clinic has a special procedure, in the worst case, for sealing such holes.

Dr. Reifert explained that the immune system needing strengthening before surgery so that the body could handle any minor infections optimally. Over the next few days, they put me on an intensive treatment of intravenous infusion of high doses of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals before the operation.

The first surgery was a success. After less than an hour, the tooth was out and the membrane protecting the sinuses were fortunately intact. The hole was cleansed for bacteria. Ozone gas was also used to effectively disinfect the wound.

Activating the body's immune system

Before the procedure, I was tapped for five tubes of blood that were centrifuged while the surgery was running. A particular part of the plasma was then used to fill the hole after the tooth was removed to prevent infection and to enhance cellular generation, as well as for the reconstruction of soft tissue and bone.

This process is called Platelet-Released Growth Factor Therapy (PRGFT). It is a great method for activating the body's immune system; making new blood vessels; increasing the healing rate of wounds, connective tissue, cartilage, and hard bone; improving cellular generation; relieving pain; and stopping bacterial infection.

"PRGFT is also used for osteoarthritis in joints with very good results. The method is also effective in cosmetic treatment of wrinkles, scars and for tightening of skin, and is much better than Botox, and it is without side effects," said Dr. Rau.

According to Dr. Reifert, they almost never have problems with infections or pain after oral intervention, thanks to this method. The clinic generally never uses antibiotics.


A week later, the second wisdom tooth was removed without complications. After each surgery, I received various types of supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to prevent complications, as well as for pain relief. It was amazing that I almost had no swelling or pain. After 3–4 days, everything was normal again, and the post-check showed positive results with no infections or other problems noted.

I am extremely pleased with the high standards and excellent level of competence at the dental department of the Paracelsus Clinic. Dr. Gunnar Reifert is the best and most qualified dentist I have ever met, and I can warmly recommend him and the dental clinic!

They are used to dealing with the most difficult cases, those of which other dentists have given up on or misrepresented. I think it is important that the clinic sees dental health as a very important factor for good health and for the healing of severe and chronic diseases.

How to find your competent dentist

If you are ill or just want to prevent disease, my advice is that you make dental health your first priority. However, it could be difficult to find a competent dentist who performs biological dental treatment like experienced at the Paracelsus Clinic.

Here are some tips to find your dentist:

• Is your dental health evaluated in relation to the rest of your health situation?
• Does the dentist take a panoramic x-ray of your teeth, gums, and jaws, or a 3D image of the jaw?
• Does the dentist measure galvanic current?
• How does the dentist diagnose and treat jaw cavitations?
• How does the dentist diagnose other hidden infections?
• Does the dentist test the materials in fillings and implants to check if they are compatible with your body?
• Does the dentist use metals or ceramics?
• Does the dentist use professional protective equipment while removing amalgam?
• Does the dentist use antibiotics and other standard drugs, or does he or she use the same methods as carried out at the Paracelsus Clinic?

I would be skeptical of dentists that:

• Say there is no medical research concluding that amalgam can lead to health problems.
• Say they do not have any doubts about performing root canal fillings.
• Only take an x-ray of a couple of teeth before making a diagnosis.
• Does not use professional protective equipment during amalgam removal or does not have a detoxification program for the patient after removal.
• Treats jaw bone cavitations without being qualified for the task (which unfortunately can cause major problems for the patient afterward).

Further education of dentists

The Paracelsus Dental Clinic offers courses for further education of dentists in the field of biological dental treatment. In addition, they offer internships with one of the clinic's dentists, so that dentists can learn how they treat patients in a practical way. In addition, the clinic offers education for professionals at the Paracelsus Academy.


I'm glad that one of the main causes of my health problems was finally diagnosed and treated in a professional and competent manner. The sad thing is that it took many dentists and 15 years to achieve.

The first major step has been completed, and I look forward to sharing the next part of my story and experience with the Paracelsus Clinic in the next article. There, you will find out about the unique way the clinic diagnoses complex diseases and how they figure out exactly what is wrong with the patient.

Article series about Swiss Biological Medicine and Dr. Thomas Rau


Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher & encouraging optimist dedicated to helping you and your family live a Fulfilled Life and ending the stress and burnout epidemic by Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine and Technology.

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Holistic diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic diseases

Holistic diagnosis and treatment of complex and chronic diseases

How Dr. Thomas Rau M.D, the founder of Swiss Biological Medicine diagnosed and treated me. 

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 03.2018

Having consulted numerous doctors across various fields of medicine, I was left frustrated time after time, as none of them could tell me why I felt chronically ill. I visited over 200 physicians, and quite often their expert opinion was that "We find nothing wrong with you, Mr. Wanvig," or "You must learn to live with your disease." Who was I to argue with professionals that had an astonishing array of qualifications displaced on their walls? Needless to say, even I, a highly optimistic person, was very discouraged. But 15 years into my quest, I finally came across the answer.

In Part 1 of this article series, "One of the biggest downturns in my life", I shared the background of my health situation and how I ended up in Dr. Thomas Rau's clinic in Switzerland. In Part 2, "Serious illness can originate from the teeth", I shared my experience with the holistic dental department of the clinic. In this article, I share my experiences with how Dr. Rau diagnoses and treats patients.

Interview #2 with Dr. Thomas Rau

​Topic: Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • Holistic diagnosis of complex and chronic diseases
  • Review of my own test results and why I have been very ill for so many years.

More interviews with Dr. Rau

You can see all the exciting interviews I did with Dr. Thomas Rau here.

The art of making the right diagnosis

Without proper diagnosis, it is nearly impossible to treat illness properly. It's like fiddling in the dark and hoping that maybe one of the medicines and treatment methods will at least help with some of the symptoms.

"It helps little with all the blood tests in the world if the doctor is unable to look for and test the correct parameters with the right type of blood tests," said Dr. Thomas Rau. "One of the main problems with doctors in orthodox school medicine is that they are not trained to look at the right places, especially when it comes to chronic illness," he continued.

This explained why the first two days at the clinic were used for extensive diagnosis with methods from both Western school medicine and biological medicine that I had never heard of before, to find the causes of my chronic disease condition: ECG; EEG; ultrasound examinations; measurement of values for xenohormones (chemicals that mimic the hormones in the body); checking for a variety of viruses, sub-clinical infections, and heavy metal poisoning; measurement of the state of the autonomic nervous system; thermography; and more.

Over 40 tubes of blood resulted in approximately 470 different blood values and parameters. About 80 of these were slightly outside of normal levels, while around 30 of them were quite far away from normal values. Based on this, the clinic could diagnose and explain the causes of my illness. A treatment plan was then drawn up to cure the causes of the disease, so that I could finally recover!

Above you will find the second video interview I did with Dr. Rau where he explains some of my test results and the reasons why I was ill.

Treatment methods

According to Dr. Rau, one of the main reasons behind the Paracelsus Clinic's good results is a multimodal treatment form, where they use many different therapies in parallel based on the diagnosis. Here is an overview of some of the treatment modalities they combine to treat cancer, chronic illnesses, and cases like mine—chronic fatigue.

Below you will also find the third video interview I did with Dr. Rau in which he tells about the different therapies used in the clinic.

Interview #3 with Dr. Thomas Rau

Topic: Holistic treatment of complex and chronic diseases

Here are some highlights of the interview:

  • How Dr. Thomas Rau treat complex and chronic diseases with Swiss Biological Medicine
  • Systemic hyperthermia
  • Local hyperthermia
  • life cell extract
  • PRGFT therapy
  • Neurotherapy
  • Oxygen and ozone therapy
  • PEMF - Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
  • Intravenous infusion therapy
  • and more..

More interviews with Dr. Rau

You can see all the exciting interviews I did with Dr. Thomas Rau here.

Hyperthermia heat treatment

Hyperthermia means to increase the body temperature well above normal. During hyperthermia treatment, all or part of the patient's body is heated to induce a fever. There are essentially two types of hyperthermia, and these methods work in completely different ways:

1. Systemic hyperthermia: The entire body is heated to 38.5–41 degrees Celsius (101–106 degrees Fahrenheit) in a special heater chamber (Heckel heat chamber) or using a special hot bed (Iratherm).

2. Local hyperthermia: Local areas of the body, such as the liver, breast, or prostate are heated up to 42–44 degrees Celsius (107–111 degrees Fahrenheit).

Fever is one of the body's healing reactions that activates the white blood cells. For each degree Celsius the body temperature increases above normal, the activity of the white blood cells is intensified by 2–3 times. Increasing body temperature from 36–39 degrees Celsius increases the activity of the immune system and the white blood cells by 8–10 times. 


Iratherm hyperthermia bed

In case of fever, the white blood cells become activated in the bone marrow and flow into the bloodstream. The T-lymphocytes attack other viruses and detect cancer cells. Macrophages eat and digest foreign substances, cancer cells, microbes, and cells that are sick or dead.

Fever also activates the body's metabolism and circulation, which results in sweating and detoxification, and the body's cellular activity is increased. One of the unique results with hyperthermia and fever is that sick cells die while healthy ones survive. Since cancer cells cannot live at high temperatures, proper use of hyperthermia as a form of treatment is a very effective method for treating multiple cancers.

Systemic hyperthermia is well documented in medical literature (see PubMed.gov), and there is a lot of evidence confirming that induced fever activates cytokines (signal molecules that help control the immune system and fight disease), interferons (mobilization of the body's defense mechanisms), and activation of white blood cells.

Heckel heat chamber

Local hyperthermia works in a completely different way from systemic. In this method, only a limited area of the body is heated to 42–44 degrees Celsius. Cancer cells become apoptotic—they simply commit "suicide"—at a temperature of approximately 42 degrees.

Fresh cells, especially white blood cells, are also activated in the heated area and can survive up to 44 degrees. Paracelsus clinics heat up to 42 degrees Celsius using different techniques and devices that accurately measure the internal temperature in the area that is heated.

The devices operate by using short waves or by pushing ions into the tissue that increase the temperature in the cancerous tissue. With this equipment, the clinic can treat major cancer nodes, like lung cancer, or treat extremely small areas, like lymph nodes.

Both systemic and local hyperthermia are also used against chronic fatigue and weak immune systems, as in my case, and against autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. Both methods are also used for patients with unclear symptoms like seen in fatigue syndrome, all with very good results.

i-Therm local hyperthermia

Life Cell Extract

The clinic has, in collaboration with German biochemists and biologists, developed a method for separating and concentrating growth factors and cell peptides that can be injected intramuscularly, without side effects, to stimulate patient cells to function better and rebuild cells. The method is called Organ Cell Peptide Extracts.

The clinic separates cells from 16 different organs of young organic pigs, which have a DNA that is almost like that of human DNA, so that the treatment can be applied directly to the affected area.

This treatment method works well on neurological diseases, liver disease, myeloma bone marrow deficiency, adrenal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, and more. According to Dr. Rau, this is a more effective method than stem cell treatment and is both safer and less expensive.

See the video above for more details about this treatment method.

Organ Cell Peptide Extracts

PRGFT therapy

PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) therapy is an effective method for the natural regeneration of bone, cartilage, connective tissue and skin, as well as to activate the immune system in the area where it is applied. This method was used on me during my two rounds of dental surgery, during which two hidden wisdom teeth were removed.

After surgery, the dentist injected PRGF into the wounds and closed them. This meant that I had no pain, swollen mouth, nor inflammation. The result of this method is that 99.7 percent of patients do not get infections or inflammations after dental surgery, thanks to this unique and simple method. That is why the clinic rarely needs to use antibiotics.

Preparing PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) 

PRGFT is made by tapping the patient for 4–5 tubes of blood, which is centrifuged to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The middle third of the plasma in the tubes is mixed with a coagulant so that the plasma becomes like jelly, which is then injected into the open wound. The wound in the jawbone usually heals within 2–3 weeks.

This method is also used for skin diseases and as an effective alternative to Botox to remove wrinkles. The advantage is that "it works better than Botox and is without side effects," said Dr. Rau.

PRGFT (Platelet Released Growth Factors) 

Neural therapy

Neural therapy is a German technique developed by the Huneke Brothers. The technique is a combination of stimulation of nerves and special acupuncture points by injection of procaine or lidocaine together with a mixture of isopathic and homeopathic agents.

The method may be effective in stimulating self-regulation of the body's various systems and organs to cure the causes of a particular disease.

Oxygen and ozone therapy

Healthy cells need oxygen to produce energy. Cancer cells do not have the capacity to use oxygen to create this energy. When cancer patients, old and weak patients, or patients with chronic fatigue receive pure oxygen, old and diseased cells get the opportunity to rebuild themselves and become healthy again.

To add oxygen to the cells, the clinic uses methods such as inhalation of pure oxygen, inhalation of ionized oxygen, intravenous injection of pure oxygen in the blood (Oxyven), ozone, or IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training), during which the patient breathes in different types of air with high and low oxygen levels.

IHHT (Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training)


PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy uses electromagnetic fields that stimulate cells and organs with ions to activate the ability of cell membranes to nourish cells and remove waste from the cells.

When cells are exposed to low frequency electromagnetic pulses (5–50 Hz) they begin to vibrate, which increases the electrical potential between the inside and outside of the cell membrane.

A healthy cell has an electrical potential of approximately 70 mV, which ensures that the cell's metabolism works. An ill cell has a much lower potential. Through the use of PEMF, you can help the healing processes in organs and tissues, and the method can be effective for killing cancer cells.

The clinic uses various types of PEMF machines as part of their treatment program for cancer, chronic fatigue, neurological diseases, and other pains.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) after my dental surgery

Intravenous infusion therapy

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and isopathic and homeopathic agents are administered intravenously daily to shorten the time patients need to get healthy. 

Each patient receives a tailor-made mix of remedies, based on the diagnosis results.

In addition to the treatment methods discussed here, the clinic also uses several other treatments to help its seriously ill patients. 

In the next article, I will share how to find inner balance in your life through the art of self-regulation.


Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher & encouraging optimist dedicated to helping you and your family live a Fulfilled Life and ending the stress and burnout epidemic by Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine and Technology.

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Find inner balance in your life through the art of self-regulation

Find inner balance in your life through the art of self-regulation

The sound of the heart—your soul's music

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 04.2018

One of the most exciting areas of personality development is the topic of self-regulation—the art of consciously regulating our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, actions, and motivations, as well as our physiological and biological health.

Engaging wholeheartedly in the art of consciously regulating yourself everyday can ease the path toward creating a life filled with meaning, joy, and better health, while improving the results achieved in life. This is one of the most important areas in which we can engage in order to make the most out of life.

Our body's control center

The autonomic nervous system (ANS), also called the vegetative nervous system, is part of our peripheral nervous system that controls the functions of all internal organs and regulates body functions, such as body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, digestion, saliva secretion, blood pressure, urination, sexual excitement, and the expansion and contraction of pupils.

ANS consists of two parts:
The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) controls the stimulation of the 'fight or flight' stress response. We rely on this for important tasks such as getting out of bed in the morning, running, fighting, or escaping danger.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) controls the stimulation of resting and digestive activities and is essential for the body's ability to regenerate and heal itself.

The ANS is the body's control center that is responsible for total control and regulation of organs and organ systems. All organs beyond our conscious control are ANS's responsibility. To put it simply: ANS is responsible for regulating all vital functions in the body. Without it, the organs cannot function optimally, which in turn leads to disease.

Diseases created by imbalance

ANS keeps the body's biological systems in balance. If the ANS should fail or underperform over a period of time, the following symptoms and illnesses may occur:

  • Problems with heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sweating, and bowel and bladder function
  • Chronic fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and cognitive impairment
  • Depression, sleep disturbances, headaches, migraines, back pain, bacterial and viral diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcers, fertility problems, and menstrual diseases
  • All forms of chronic and degenerative diseases

Early in my treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic, I was sent to their specialist who helps patients find peace of mind and achieve a better physical balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Michael Falkner is educated in psycho-oncology (psychological, behavioral, social, and ethical aspects of cancer) and has more than 17 years of experience in testing and treating more than 10,000 patients at the Paracelsus Clinic.

"Without the body being able to regulate itself in a healthy way and create an inner balance between all biological functions, cells, nervous system, and organs, it is very difficult for it to cure itself no matter how effective are the treatment methods being used. This is why all patients at the clinic are being sent to me as an important part of their treatment plan," explained Michael Falkner.

The meditation teacher who got surprised

Falkner connected me to a heart rate monitor that was connected to his PC that ran software developed by him and his team. The system measured the condition of my autonomic nervous system, how much stress I had, and to what extent I was able to achieve balance in my ANS.

"Are you used to meditation?" he asked.
"I have been a meditation teacher for more than 15 years," I replied.

"Okay, meditate for a few minutes, so we can see how this affects your autonomic nervous system," he added.

After a few minutes I looked at the screen, which showed a half-circle diagram that was mostly filled with red.

"The red shows the stressed part of the autonomic nervous system that does not settle," he explained (Figure 1).

Figure 1

I meditated and felt a peaceful, balanced inner state, with minimal mental distractions. Earlier, I had measured the effect of my meditation on my Mac for several years with other software and had great results in improving my heart rate variability. But despite my best efforts, my ANS refused to calm down.

"Why doesn't it seem to be working now?" I asked.

Falkner had seen this reaction many times—even from a Buddhist monk who was a specialist in meditation for decades—and explained that there isn’t necessarily a link between meditating to find peace of mind and the type of meditation that affects physiology and the ANS.

"You can fill your heart with gratitude, love, peace, and balance without having any direct impact on the part of the nervous system that needs to be in balance for the body's healing powers to function optimally," he explained.

When he instructed me to do a deep breathing exercise, the chart on the PC screen changed after a few seconds so the stress (red) almost disappeared, and most of the chart turned blue, which showed that I was in balance (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Proper breathing is the key to optimal self-regulation of the ANS. The Yogis in India have claimed this for thousands of years. Falkner explained that proper breathing leads to good health, and improper breathing leads to disease.

The main problem

Chronic inner stress is one of the main problems when ANS is not balanced. This means that the sympathetic (stressed) part of ANS is hyperactive even when we rest or sleep. Normally, the parasympathetic (calming down and regeneration) should be most active then. When the sympathetic (stressed) part of ANS is active around the clock, it means that the body's regenerating, self-healing mechanisms and functions suffer.

Finding the condition of the ANS can be done easily by measuring the heart rate variability (HRV) of the patient over 24 hours. Your heart variability is how the time between the heartbeats varies (RR variability). The higher the variation, the better your heart and nervous system are functioning.

The most well-known measurement method of HRV is ECG. When a physician takes an ECG and the variability between heartbeats is minimal, it could be a sign of serious heart problems. With healthy HRV, the distance in milliseconds between heartbeats varies widely.

There are a variety of different software with variable quality available to everyone that measures HRV. The most popular one is made by HeartMath. Michael Falkner and his team has developed their own software (Herzklang), because none of the solutions on the market could be used by the clinic to deliver the desired results with their ill patients.

Measurement of ANS

The Paracelsus Clinic uses different methods for HRV measurement. In one of the test i was lying down on a bench for 10-minutes during the measurement with a sensor attached to my finger. The red post represents the sympathetic (stressed) part of ANS, and the blue represents the parasympathetic. This showed that I had too much stress activity in ANS and too little regenerative activity (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - 10 minutes HRV

I was also went trough a 24-hour HRV measurement for which two measuring sensors was attached near my heart. The top blue curve in figure 4 shows the pulse.

The middle field represents activity in the parasympathetic part of ANS, which should have been much stronger in the deepest parts of my sleep cycle. From the picture, you can see that the quality of deep sleep is not good.

The bottom part of the picture shows that the sympathetic part (in red/orange color) of ANS is also active during sleep, which is not optimal. The picture shows a chronic stressed (sympathetic) state of ANS that prevents the body's ability to self-heal and regenerate.

Figure 4 - 24 hour HRV

 Thermography is another method the clinic used for measuring the state of the ANS indirectly, where the temperature of the body is measured at approximately 130 different places, twice. 

The first measurement is taken after the patient undresses, and the second is done after the patient has spent ten minutes in a cool room.

In my test, the red areas show that I had the same temperature in both measurements, which means my body was not able to regulate itself in a normal way, indicating that the ANS was in chronic imbalance (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Thermography

The Soul's music

Paracelsus Clinic started using the HeartMath software for measuring HRV over 17 years ago, but the system didn't cover the clinic's needs. They wanted a direct visual approach to the condition of ANS that was divided into sympathetic, parasympathetic, and balanced part. They needed a method that the patients themselves could use to train on balancing ANS even when they were at home.

Michael Falkner and his team spent many years developing the software 'Herzklang,' which is currently being used at the clinic. With it, patients can measure how well they are able to balance their ANS on a daily basis. In addition, Falkner and his team have developed a unique method of presenting HRV as music through spectral frequency and time analysis. The music that comes out is your own unique music. And since the heart is in close contact with your soul and essence, and Falkner calls this "the soul's music".

The music is created by recording HRV for ten minutes while you are meditating, so that most of the chart on the PC screen shows blue (balance). This is done by breathing at a unique individual rate that your body needs, so that ANS balances. The software shows when to breathe in and out, which is unique to every individual, to learn what type of breathing your body needs. The recording is analyzed and processed by Falkner and his team, who make your unique heartbeat music—your soul's music.

What can you do yourself?

There is much you can do yourself to help put your ANS back in balance. I have divided this into three areas: physical, psychological and spiritual self-regulation.

We all know what it's like to shower in water that is too cold or too hot. We regulate the temperature until it is appropriate. We experience the same thing when eating too much or too little, driving too fast or too slow, or exercising too hard. The better we are able to regulate our activities, the greater the balance and the better results we achieve.

Self-regulation is the art of consciously regulating yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Physical self-regulation

The body is a unique biological machine with its ability to maintain its functions and processes in healthy balance (homeostasis), even in extreme conditions. Here are some factors that help the ANS stay in balance:

  • Enough rest
  • Proper breathing technique
  • Enough quality sleep (at least 7–8 hours per night)
  • Enough physical activity (at least 20 minutes of brisk walking a day)
  • Avoid allergens that unnecessarily trigger the immune system, such as gluten, products made from cow milk, soy, FODMAP products, and other foods you have intolerance to
  • Healthy diet - low carbohydrates, high levels of healthy fat, and a balanced amount of protein

Each factor that is ignored may over time lead to imbalance that prevents the body from regenerating and healing itself, which in turn leads to disease.

Psychological/mental self-regulation

Each time you get stressed unnecessarily or get out of emotional balance by being aggressive, frustrated, angry, depressed, and the like, you trigger the sympathetic part of ANS.

One highly effective method for dealing with negative emotional and mental stress is called 'interruption management.' I have covered this in detail in my book "Beyond Positive Psychology – A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment."

Hara and diaphragm breathing meditation is one of the easiest and most effective meditations you can do, and it only takes a few minutes to learn. This method stimulates the body's relaxation response by calming the sympathetic part of the ANS and activating the parasympathetic part.

Deep breathing is the only direct access we have to the ANS. Reduction of physical and mental stress stimulates the balance, which may have a positive effect on high blood pressure, pain, headache, various stomach problems, depression, and anxiety, and can improve concentration, oxygen supply, sleep quality, and lung capacity among other things. The problem is that we mostly take short breaths, which focuses the breathing in the upper part of the chest, which then activates the sympathetic part of ANS.

The hara is the largest and most important energy organ that organizes, balances, and stores life energy (Ki) for the entire body. This is extremely important for centering, balance, and grounding.

A practical exercise: Hara and diaphragm breathing meditation

Here is a short explanation of the meditation:

Part 1:

  1. You can sit, lie, stand, or walk. This meditation can be performed anywhere.
  2. Place one hand on the lower part of the stomach and the other on the upper part of the stomach.
  3. Focus your attention on the hara (about two finger widths below the navel), where the lower hand rests, and slowly breathe in for 5 seconds so that both hands move outward.
  4. When your stomach is filled with air, exhale slowly until your stomach is flat while keeping your attention focused on your hara. Both hands move inward. The deeper you are able to breathe in, the better your benefits will likely be from this mediation.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a minute or two until you feel centered and relaxed.

Part 2 is a conscious interaction with the thoughts that come up during the meditation and are done together with Part 1.

Part 2:

  1. When a thought occurs in your mind, you welcome it and then pass it on its way.
  2. Focus on the place where the lower hand touches the stomach.
    3. Continue with proper breath.
  3. Repeat 1, 2, and 3 when a new thought comes.

In the beginning, you may experience many thoughts, but as you recognize your thoughts and pass them on, there will be less of them. During 2–3 weeks of 5–10 minutes effort per day, many will experience improvement and exciting results with this simple method, especially if you also use interruption management in your everyday life.

Spiritual self-regulation

The last area of self-regulation has to do with the heart. This is in direct resonance with our essence - the soul. The more motivated you are by the heart's primary emotions like happiness, passion, love, courage, empathy, consideration, and compassion, the closer you will be to your essence.

The problem is that we are often motivated and driven by secondary feelings like fear, anger, hate, frustration, jealousy, greed, fear, fear of competition, and worries.

The art is to learn how to regulate ourselves so that we live out of primary emotions in our daily lives, and the motivation behind our thoughts, behaviors, and actions, is governed by the qualities of the heart. This is something everyone can learn, which will have a positive impact on the ANS and everyday life.

In The 7 Golden Keys For Creating a Conscious, Enlightened Mind covered in my book Beyond Positive Psychology - A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment you'll find all the tools and insights you need to master the art of consciously regulating yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually for creating a happy and fulfilled life.

Article series about Swiss Biological Medicine and Dr. Thomas Rau


Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher & encouraging optimist dedicated to helping you and your family live a Fulfilled Life and ending the stress and burnout epidemic by Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine and Technology.

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Summary, prices, and recommendations

An intense experience!

Summary, prices, and recommendations

Written by: Paul E. Wanvig, published in English: 4. April 2019

First published in Medium Magazine (Norway) 03.2018

My three weeks' stay at the Paracelsus Clinic in Lüstmuhle, Switzerland was an intensive experience for me! After 15 years of in-depth searching to find the causes behind my complex chronic disease state, I finally found several causes for my condition (see related articles and video interviews for details), yet none of the specialists I had seen before had found them.

This, in itself, was worth the stay.

The clinic uses a wide range of treatment methods stemming from both Western medicine and biological medicine. Several of the treatment methods are unique to the clinic. They also have a very extensive way of diagnosing the causes of complex disease.

The staff was wonderfully kind, and the same was the case for most doctors, therapists, and nurses during my stay at the clinic.

A clinic can never be better than the quality of its physicians and specialists!

Regardless of which health clinic we visit; none can be better than what is seen in the qualification and experiences of the Paracelsus Clinic's medical staff! It does not matter if the clinic has the best treatment modalities and methods in the world—if the physician who is responsible for your health is not capable of understanding your situation, the reasons for your illness, and how to use the clinic's treatment modalities in an optimal way—results will be limited.

That is why I always would recommend a brilliant physician with limited treatment modalities at hand rather than a mediocre physician with all the treatment tools in the world.

The star of the Paracelsus Clinic was Dr. Thomas Rau, who built the clinic to be one of the best of its kind in the world until he had left to start his new clinic, “Swiss Biological Medicine Center,” in Summer 2018.

If I would get Dr. Rau to be personally responsible for diagnosing and treating me, I would probably go wherever he was in the world. The case was unfortunately not this for me at the Paracelsus Clinic, since he was fully booked with other patients during my stay and only had time for the three interviews with me.

My experience at the Paracelsus Clinic

During my stay in November/December 2017, the clinic was in a difficult situation with an acute shortage of qualified physicians, as most of the clinic's doctors either had left or retired. In the summer of 2018, Dr. Thomas Rau also left the clinic.

The medical doctor who was assigned to me (not Dr. Rau, since he was fully booked) was unfortunately not able to handle my complex medical history in an adequate way. I requested another responsible doctor, but the clinic refused and said this was not possible.

In a desperate state, I chose to stay; what was the alternative?

About one month before my three-week treatment, I visited the clinic to take all the tests (blood tests, etc.) they needed to create an optimal treatment program for me. The frustration was great when the doctor did not have anything ready on my first day of treatment, even though most of the results from the tests had arrived at the clinic.

It took the doctor more than one week (with a lot of stress and reminders from my side) to complete an optimal treatment program for me that was executed during the last week of my stay.

Promise of penance

At the end of my stay, I talked to one of the board members of the clinic who told me right away that the clinic was in the state of a doctor's emergency, since most of them had been leaving. The board member strongly regretted that I had been suffering because of this.

I had been promised that I would be invited back to the clinic for a free treatment stay when they had hired new doctors, and the clinic's difficult times were over.

Today, more than a year after my stay, the clinic has hired five new medical doctors, but I have not heard anything from the clinic either as a follow-up of me as a patient or the promises I received.

Lack of a personal touch

Since 2015, the clinic has been building and expanding its size. One of the consequences of growing and expanding is that it is easy to miss having a personal touch with the patients. I felt more like I was in a small hospital rather than in a private, exclusive clinic. I was often sent from one treatment station/modality to another, sometimes from 8 a.m. in the morning to 6 p.m. in the evening. I felt that I was a small fish in a big pond, and any personal touch was missing. I was expecting a five-star follow-up and experience for the money I was paying.

Most of the clinic's employees were polite, nice, and always trying to help me in the best possible way. The center place for helping me coordinate my days and answer my questions was the reception desk, where the very nice and helpful ladies were always in a good mood.


After you have filled out and submitted an information form to become a patient at the clinic (see the clinic's homepage), you will receive your first email that asks you to fill out a form for your medical history. They also want to receive the latest test results you have from your physician.

In the next email, you will receive suggestions for your treatment stay (2–4 weeks, depending on illness).

Here you also get stipulated approximate treatment costs, which in my case were:

  • Two days of diagnostics and testing: 8000–8500 CHF (approximately 8,000–8,500 USD)
  • Treatment stay, per. week: 8,000–8,500 CHF (approximately 8,000–8,500 USD)
  • Additionally, all dietary supplements, infusions (IV), and medications that are recommended for you (this cost me about 12,000 USD for a three-month period)
  • Travel, food, and accommodation are additional expenses.

My total expenses for my three weeks' stay with diagnostics and including three months of supplements and medication was approximately 47,000 USD, plus travel, food, and lodging came to 12,000 USD—in all, 59,000 USD.

My main advice: Be sure of the quality of your responsible physician!

If you are considering staying at the Paracelsus Clinic (or any other private clinics for that matter), it is important that you take responsibility to make sure that the doctor the clinic wants to use for you is a responsible physician. My error was that I took it for granted that I would get Dr. Rau as my physician. Ask to receive your assigned doctor's CV and an overview of the experience your doctor has with your medical condition.

After receiving information on prices and suggested treatment dates, I strongly suggest that you insist on talking to the doctor who will be responsible for your care at the clinic! The best thing is to set up a Skype call, in which you can see the doctor with video.

It is important that you find out if this is the right doctor for you before you say 'yes' to your stay. For your best experience, please remember that they did not accept my wish to change my doctor during my stay. I recommend that you check with the clinic how they might handle such a request during your planned time there.

If you are a European patient, you will want to know that the clinic had recommended for me to come for two days of diagnostics about four weeks prior to the stay. I recommend booking a second call, via Skype or phone, with the responsible doctor a few days before coming to your treatment stay to discuss your test results and the treatment program your doctor will have tailored for you before you arrive. This leads to starting an optimal treatment plan on the first day of your visit.


There are several guest houses and hotels in the clinic's immediate vicinity. I recommend that you choose a hotel where the clinic offers bus transportation for you. You can get more information about this from the clinic.

I stayed at Hotel Säntis (which is the hotel Dr. Rau recommended where they also serve his special diet; this diet is not available at other hotels). This is small and nice 3-star hotel with excellent service.

I recommend this hotel, since the diet was so important to the clinic's treatment program when I visited. Patients who stayed at other hotels or apartments had a difficult time of maintaining the right diet during their stay. Some of them were joining us for the meals at Hotel Säntis. When you are done with the day, you are often very tired and do not have much energy to make proper food according to Dr. Rau's diet. If you need a 5-star hotel, the clinic will help you find one according to your needs. 


I was at the Paracelsus Clinic at what was probably the worst time in the clinic’s modern history. Today, the clinic has hired new physicians and is probably much better equipped to give their patients the proper service they deserve. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to experience this to the extent I would have expected during my stay.

If you are very ill and already have tried "everything" of other therapies, have enough money, and get a qualified and skilled physician responsible for you at the clinic, I would highly recommend a stay! I also warmly recommend their dental clinic.



Paul E. Wanvig is a Neoteric Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher & encouraging optimist dedicated to helping you and your family live a Fulfilled Life and ending the stress and burnout epidemic by Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine and Technology.

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