Paul E. Wanvig | From Burnout to Enlightenment!

Creating a Fulfilled Life!

Ending the stress and burnout epidemic!

Utilizing the Best of Modern and Ancient Scientific Practices, Medicine, Technology to Unleash Personal Transformation and True Enlightenment!

Beyond Positive Psychology

A Journey from Burnout to Enlightenment

- Written by Paul E. Wanvig

About The Book

The ability to change and adapt quickly in today’s unpredictable world is more critical than ever before for creating and retaining abundance, health, meaning, and happiness.

Whether you want to escape the rat race, find happiness, change your career, solve demanding health problems, understand the path to authentic meaning and fulfillment, or just live fully by getting in touch with your true inner self, Beyond Positive Psychology is the blueprint.

This step-by-step guide to a Conscious, Enlightened Life teaches: 

  • Why self-sufficiency to change and adapt quickly is the most important skill you can acquire in today’s accelerating, changing world.
  • How to utilize the immense power of your brain to boost your change process.
  • How to overcome the Almighty Syndrome, which is the #1 reason for limiting the ability to change and create the life you dream about.
  • How to use the Seven Golden Keys for Creating a Conscious, Enlightened Mind.
  • How to understand what Your True Inner Self wants with your life.
  • Why mastering ancient wisdom and technologies to access metaphysical spheres (described in quantum field theory) can turbo-boost all changing processes like an enzyme that accelerates chemical reactions.

About The Author

Paul E. Wanvig

Paul E. Wanvig is a Shaman, entrepreneur, journalist, author, speaker, bio-hacker, spiritual teacher, and encouraging optimist. He is dedicated to helping you and your family live a fulfilled life. His focus is on ending the stress and burnout epidemic by utilizing the best of modern and ancient scientific practices, medicine, and technology.

Paul has been creating original content for the past 20 years for Medium Magazine, a leading holistic health magazine in Norway. He focuses on topics including: Lifestyle, Health, Diet, Positive Psychology, Personal Development and Spirituality. He currently lives in Germany with his wife. 

Paul with his wife Maria


Creating a Fulfilled Life!

Ending the stress and burnout epidemic!